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HASfit Personal Training San Antonio is a service dedicated to your health and happiness. We are so confident that HASfit will inspire you to reach your goals that we are willing to offer $100 in free personal training to anyone in our San Antonio, TX community. Our experienced personal trainers in San Antonio hold the map to your desired destination. We'll customize workout and nutrition regimens while being your motivator and coach. This proven success formula will help us arrive safely at your goals.

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HASfit Warrior Success Stories

Dan lost 70lbs with HASfit Personal Training San Antonio!

I have been working with Freddie for over two years and I really appreciated the knowledge, experience and positive motivation that he brought and shared that lead to my weight loss of 70 pounds and I'm in the best shape of my life!!! He would help create meal plans and "personally fitted" workouts to ensure that I was maximizing my weight loss experience and cater to my goals and improve on my weaknesses. He was always be available to answer my questions or address any concerns I had. Great experience!

Kristina lost 70lbs and dropped 13 pant sizes with Warrior Boot Camp San Antonio!

"I was desperate for a change in my physical appearance, with the feeling deep down inside me that there was a smaller healthier physically fit woman waiting to get out..." Read Full Testimonial

Chris lost 35lbs with Warrior San Antonio Boot Camp!

hasfit testimonial

"I've never felt this healthy, and my sedentary lifestyle has been completely changed. I can't wait to see where I'll go from here!" Read Full Testimonial

HASfit Personal Training in San Antonio

7806 Jones Maltsberger Road, San Antonio, Texas 78216

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