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20 Min Home Workout without Equipment or Weights

Intermediate Difficulty (Advanced Modifications Provided)
intermediate workout

No equipment needed for this 20 minute fat burner. Depending on your fitness level, you may want a chair or box to use on the modified burpees.

Home Workout without Equipment

Complete 2 rounds of each exercise for 30 seconds:
Lateral Push Up Walk / from Knees
Scissor Jumps / Switch Jumps
Elbow to Hand High Plank / from Knees
One Leg Deadlift Jump / no Jump
Marine Push up / from Knees
360 Touchdowns / 360 Jumps
Arm Hauler w/ Flexion / without Flexion
Posterior Swing Jump / Posterior swing
High Plank Rows / from knees
Burpee + 10 punches / Modified to box
Sit ups / Crunches
Jump + Punch / ¼ Squat + Punch