Intermediate Difficulty (Advanced Modifications Provided)
intermediate workout

No equipment needed for this 20 minute fat burner. Depending on your fitness level, you may want a chair or box to use on the modified burpees.

Home Workout without Equipment

Complete 2 rounds of each exercise for 30 seconds:
Lateral Push Up Walk / from Knees
Scissor Jumps / Switch Jumps
Elbow to Hand High Plank / from Knees
One Leg Deadlift Jump / no Jump
Marine Push up / from Knees
360 Touchdowns / 360 Jumps
Arm Hauler w/ Flexion / without Flexion
Posterior Swing Jump / Posterior swing
High Plank Rows / from knees
Burpee + 10 punches / Modified to box
Sit ups / Crunches
Jump + Punch / ΒΌ Squat + Punch

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