Advanced Difficulty
advanced workout

This MMA Workout is for those looking for a real challenge! This 3 part workout includes 1. HIIT Workout, 2. MMA Conditioning, and 3. MMA Abs. The only equipment needed for this routine is a pair of dumbbells and it can be done anywhere, anytime.

MMA HIIT Workout

Round 1:
Lunge Push (One DB press out as lunge)
Deep Split Stance DB Row
High Plank DB Transfers

Round 2:
Warrior Lunge (DB’s up and rotate)
Hammer Curl
Renegade Row

Round 3: 15 sec each side
Suitcase Squat
Suitcase Row
Suitcase Press

MMA Conditioning

Lateral Monkey Hop
Reverse Lunge + Knee
Forward Monkey Hop
1,2,3,4 sprawl
Moving Mountain Climber
Iso Low hooks

MMA Ab Workout

Punch and Situp Combo + Upa
Side Control Getups
DB Knees
Power Hooks
Lying Leg Triangle
Leg Raise + Pullover
Leg Raise + Pullover Scissor
Lateral Plank Walks
Bear Plank Sit Out
High Plank DB Walkouts
Mountain Cl

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