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20 Min Bodybuilding Back Workout to Build Muscle at Home

Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Build muscle and strength with this complete back workout. You can complete this workout either at home or in the gym. This is a great routine for both men and women. It only requires a pair of dumbbells, but you may also use a barbell for some movements.

A1: DB Bent Over Row / Pullups 5×5
B1: Dumbbell Sumo Stiff Leg Deadlift / Barbell x15 x12 x10 x8
B2: Dumbbell High Pull / Barbell Hang Clean x15 x12 x10 x8
C1: Dumbbell Upright Row / Barbell x12 x10 x8
C2: Dumbbell Reverse Fly / Band Pull Apart x12 x10 x8
D1: T x 30 sec
D2: I x 30 sec
D3: Y x 30 sec
E1: Plank Scapula Pushups from Knees / on Feet x 60 sec