Fit Over 40

Fit Over 40

The Tribe requested this 90-day program and we listened. The Fit Over 40 calendar will help you safely improve your overall fitness level with a unique blend of strength training, low impact cardio and HIIT, and mobility training. This exercise program will build lean muscle, improve strength, and enhance your conditioning without “beating you up.”

You’ll work to improve your overall fitness level with over 40 separate exercise routines including weight training, cardio, HIIT, flexibility, mobility training, and more!

Fitness Over 40 is designed specifically to meet the needs of those between the ages of 40 to 60 (of course we won’t stop you if you fall outside of this age range). If you're completely new to fitness, then you may want to start with our 14 Day Jump Start program or Foundation program before beginning this plan.

Safe and effective 90-day fitness program

  • - Don’t just work hard, work smart!
  • - Improve strength, burn fat, and build lean muscle at the same time
  • - Increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance
  • - Improve balance, stability, flexibility, and mobility

Workout Length and Frequency:

The average individual workout session is between 30-45 minutes in length. While this program is designed to be used 5 days per week, it can easily be adjusted to less or more depending on your schedule and existing workout plan.


This exercise plan requires a pair of dumbbells. You’ll also need a bench, box, or chair for some of the workouts. The weight you use will be totally dependent on your fitness level, but most will use between 5lbs - 20lbs (2kg - 10kg) per dumbbell.

You may also want an exercise mat for comfort.

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