TDEE Macro Calculator

HASfit’s TDEE and macro calculator is designed to help you take the guess work out of your diet.

We’ve developed the TDEE and macro calculator to be a perfect compliment to the HASfit Eating For Life ebook. It’s not about following the latest fad diet that you’ll get sick of after 30 days, but instead it is about eating the foods you love while getting the results you need.

Whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight, our diet calculator will work for you.

This calculator uses the most trusted and accurate scientific formulas to retrieve your macros. It’s as simple as entering your profile, selecting your goals, and choosing your food preference.

Choosing your goal:
Choose whether you’d like to lose or gain weight and how quickly you’d like to get there. By reducing or adding calories to your diet you can effectively lose fat or gain muscle.

When it comes to weight loss, choosing an aggressive calorie deficit may speed up the process but it can come with the side effect of fatigue and muscle atrophy. That’s why we recommend the -15% deficit for most.

For weight gain, a 10% surplus will help you gain muscle and stay lean while choosing a 15% surplus may add muscle faster with the addition of some body fat.

Goal Options:

  • Aggressive weight loss -25%
  • Fast weight loss -20%
  • Recommended weight loss -15%
  • Maintenance
  • Lean gain +10%
  • Bulk +15%

Choosing your macro preferences:
Customize your macronutrient (fat, carbs, protein) split to your dietary preferences. No two bodies are the same, so there is no “best choice.” We recommend you start with the option that you feel best meets your needs and adjust as needed.

Here’s how the choices split up your daily calorie needs…

  • Balanced: 25% Fat / 40% Carbs / 35% Protein
  • Carb Lover: 10% Fat / 60% Carbs / 30% Protein
  • High Fat: 40% Fat / 20% Carbs / 40% Protein
  • High Protein / Low Carb: 20% Fat / 20% Carbs / 60% Protein

Bodyfat %
If you know your bodyfat %, then you may include it for a more detailed result. Otherwise, you may leave it blank.

Basal Metabolic Rate and Total Daily Energy Expenditure Settings
Most people will just want to leave this section alone. By default, the calculator uses the MIFFLIN-ST JEOR formula. You may change this if you prefer another formula; otherwise, you may leave it as is.



Basal Metabolic Rate

Total Daily Energy Expenditure












Rest Calories

Before using the data obtained using this calculator , please consult with doctor

Using your results:

Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE): A measure of how many calories you burn per day including your daily activity. It is also considered your maintenance calories to stay the same weight.

Rest Calories: This is your new daily calorie goal. It is your TDEE adjusted for your goal and activity level. If you’ve chosen a weight loss goal, then this number will reflect your calorie deficit. If you’ve chosen a weight gain goal, then this number will reflect your calorie surplus.

Fat, Carbohydrates, & Protein: These are your daily goals for each macronutrient in grams. Try to get as close as possible to each of these as possible. If you consistently have trouble reaching one or more, then try editing your Macro Preferences to a choice that better fits your dietary preferences.

Basal metabolic rate (BMR): This is the number of calories you’d burn if you stayed motionless all a day.