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20 Minute Abs Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily

Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Join us and feel the burn for 20 minutes of ab burning action! This ab workout never repeats the same move twice. There’s no equipment required, but you may prefer a mat for comfort. Ready. Set. Go!

20 Minute Abs Workout

Complete 1 Round of 50 seconds of each exercise:

Part 1:
Low Plank Walk Out / from Knees
1:3 Tempo Leg Raise / Tempo Knee Raise
Reverse Plank Kicks / Modified Reverse Plank Kicks
Bear Plank Shoulder Touches / Shoulder Touches from Knees
Hollow Body Hold / Hollow Body Hold w/ Knees Bent
Clam Sit Up / Clam Crunch
Lying Leg Twist / Lying Knee Twist
High Plank Knee Up and In / from Knees
Sit Up Toe Touch / Reach Crunches
Planks / from Knees

Part 2:
Claw / without Weights
Butterfly Reach Crunch / without Weights
Side Plank + Shoulder and Front Raise / without Weights
Russian Twists / without Weights
Punch Out Sit Up / without Weights

Part 3:
Finisher Round – 60 seconds each:
Plank Hip Touchdowns / from Knees
Side Plank Dips / from Knees