Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Here’s a total body workout that will improve strength, burn fat, and enhance your core at the same time. The tabata hiit workout only requires a pair of dumbbells and it’s great for both men and women. You’ll perform 4 back-to-back rounds of each exercise with each round including 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

40 Min Tabata HIIT Workout with Weights + Abs

Part 1: Warm Up
Seesaw Row
Straight Leg Kick + Twist
Toe to Scarecrow

Part 2: HIIT
Lunge + Arnold Press / Split Squat
Bear Plank Row + Kickback / from Knees
Bent Over Spider Curls
Clean + Squat + Press + Jump / No Jump
Alternating Grip Bent Over Row
Staggered Ovrhd Dumbbell Swing / Parallel
Side Plank Reverse Fly / from Knees
Pause Goblet Jump Squat / Pause Goblet Squat
Uneven Push Ups / Even from Knees
Kneeling One Arm Snatch / Split

Part 3: Abs
High Knee Up and In
V-Up / Split V-Up (one leg)
Upright Bicycles / Feet Back Down
Mountain Climbers

Part 4: Cool Down
Figure Four
Sprinter Quad Stretch
Scapular Retraction / Protractions
Wall Upright Row + Rotation + Press