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20 Minute Execution Calisthenics Workout – HASfit Body Weight Exercises – Bodyweight Training Workouts

Ultimate Warrior Difficulty
ultimate warrior workout
The 20 minute Execution Calisthenics Workout is an advanced body weight workout that can be done at home or anywhere. The only equipment required for the calisthenics exercises and bodyweight exercises is a towel and a pull up bar. The bodyweight training calisthenic workout is great for building strength.

Complete as many rounds as needed for your fitness level:
1. Single Leg Wall Sit with Knee Wxtension x 30 seconds each
2. Supinated Pull Up + Iso Leg Raise x 8
3. L-Sits x 15 seconds
4. Fallout Push Ups x 8
5. Duck Walks Front to Back x 15 seconds, Side to Side x 15 seconds, Front to Back x 15 seconds, Side to Side x 15 seconds
6. Handstand Shrugs x 8
7. Hanging Knee Twists x 16
8. Wall Planche Push Ups x 8
9. Lunge + Hamstring Curl x 30 seconds each
10. Towel Pull Ups x 8
11. Superman Plank Hold x 60 seconds
12. Handstand Pushups x 5
13. One Leg Squat Jumps x 12 each
14. Pronate 90 Degree Hold + Knee Raise x 30 seconds
15. Leg Raise + Reverse Crunch + Toe Touch x 15
16. Pike Push Ups x 15
17. Overhead Air Squats x 90 seconds