Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Your body is the greatest tool you’ll ever be given. Use it to push, push, twist, and jump your way through this 10 minute cardio workout without equipment. Follow Claudia for the easier modifications and make this workout your own.

Cardio Workout without Equipment

Complete each exercise for 2 rounds of 50 seconds:
Bear Plank Lateral Walks / High Plank Lateral Walk (from hands)
Lateral Hop + Squat Jump / Lateral Step + Squat
Alligator Walks / Walk in Place
Forward & Back Hop / 1,2,3,4
Superman Push Up from Knees / Ballistic Push Ups from Knees
Cross Body Switch Knee / Cross Body Knee
Bear Plank to Walkout / Walkout from Knees
Switch Jump Squats / Switch Jumps
Plank up downs / from Knees
Side Shuffle + Reach Jump / Side Shuffle + Overhead Squat
Iso Squat Walkouts + Push up / Iso Squat Walkouts

[Music] hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is our hit cardio workout without equipment now for certain movements we are going to be using a mat because these movements will require us to go down to our knees it’s not required but if you have one and you want to use it go ahead and do so Claudia is going to be doing the more beginner modifications and I’m going to be doing some or intervie intermediate-to-advanced modifications so this workout really does have something for everybody you choose which moves are right for you along the way now if you want to do a warm-up feel free to click up top the card go get you over to a five-minute warm-up that you can start right now not required totally up to you we’re going to work our total body today we’re going to burn a bunch of calories along the way if you’re ready let’s get this thing down and okay so we’re both going to head down into a plank position I’m going into a bear plank and I’m gonna do a bear plank lateral walk Claudia is on her knees a plank from her knees and she’s going to walk side to side now this is a real beginner movement right here if this is to beginner for you and coaches is too advanced go ahead and bring yourself up to a high plank and just do lateral walks from side to side keep your elbows bent core tight I have both knees I’m trying my best to keep my knees bent at a 90 degree angle and I’m walking side to side either way on those balls of your feet as always we’re not going to count any reps today we’re just going to get as many in in a lot of time period so you work at your own pace making sure to breathe on this one easy to hold your breath don’t cross those hands over either let’s go for five four three two one and roll into the next one so we got leg move next I’m going to go with a lateral hop plus squat jump in Claudia doing a lateral step and a squat so you decide which variation between this two is going to be right for you either way on that squat put your weight back in your hips whether you’re jumping or not making sure to breathe on this one good side to side one right into the next you’re doing the hop make sure you’re landing softly who doing this one already I’m not going to take long alright we got 10 seconds left side to side and five four three two one okay we’re going down into an alligator walk so I’m going to go into a high plank position I’m take little short steps put both my hands and my feet and I am in a high plank position just moving my feet not going anywhere and I’m gonna when I reach the end come make a little square and I’ll go to the side and then I’ll walk back try to get it keep your feet moving small little steps and just keep on breathing do not hold your breath up here keep that core tight back stay straight nice you got it breathe go ten more seconds on this one and five four three two one RUP on our feet I’m going to do a forward and back hop pretty simple thing on the balls might beat Claudia’s gonna do a one two three four where she’s just stepping left foot right foot forward and back whew so either way pretend like you have a line in front of you and you’re either trying to jump over and back or step over it and back just a way to visualize it either way speed light and on those balls of the feet good quick movements hot feet hot feet let’s go let’s go girl you got it you got it go ten more seconds on this one push them through well coming hard and fast today come on let’s go three two one zero okay so both grabbing our math for the next we’re gonna do a jumping push-up from the knee I’m going to do a Superman and Claudia is going to do a traditional ballistic pushup we’re hitting three in a row so I’m going one two three four Claudia’s just doing the traditional push up and jumping every time that’s not going to work for you you can do the push up from your knee thank you all right next one one two three couple deep breath three two one again full power all the way up all the way down either jumping up and through arms overhead or just jumping up let’s go next one one two three good give it up that awful even from your knees Heather like I said if you can’t handle it I’m just a traditional pushup works just fine go ahead one two three so nice okay we got one more set guys one wants that ready hit it one two three ah nice okay we’re on our feet good so the next one we’re going cross body knee I’m going to do a crossbody knee plus switch cross switch Claudia’s just can do all one side at the same time so we’re bringing that knee up we’re crunching down and who are either switching and do another side or we’re getting right back in to the next rep and halfway through we’re going to switch good three crunch down bring that knee up and squeeze and flip that ass switch good come on let’s go ahh your arms are tired on this one oh I know I hold my shoulders come on guys let’s go we’re getting into it getting into it starting to feel it now come on what you got got 10 seconds left how many can you get almost there good and three two one zero night okay so we’re getting down to the ground for the next one I’m going in that bear plank position again Claudia is coming back to our knees we’re going from walking out from this position and walking back if you decide it’s better for you on your knees or while maintaining this bear plank this is a big one for your abs oh yeah walk out as far as you can and back you know in the first couple might not get so far as you get more comfortable with it may be able to stretch it and push the pace just a little bit you decide how far is right for you on this one keep that core nice and tight as you get out there yeah don’t let your hips sink and don’t let your butt beat wait up it with midair either to try keep that back flat good one into the next you got it breathe you can’t get as low as us don’t be discouraged just keep on coming back and doing this workout and you’ll get these walk outs I know these are a hard one for me in the beginning little hard they still are yeah they never really get daddy to be never gets easier you just get better ahead straight all right five four three two one zero oh well I wonder guy nice okay I have switch jump school with a squat for Claudia is just going to do the switch jump starting in a staggered stance in position switch jump using your arms to get you going on that jump difference between her moving mind as I’m dropping that back knee almost into a lunge for a split squat and I’ll play from the side I’m not going to quite as deep she’s more cursive a little more about explosion mine is definitely made a little more endurance in the legs come on let’s go breathe use those arms to help you out one into the next almost there we’ve got to burn those leg out all right so good come on five four three two one knife moving into a plank up down so going down to the ground eat it from the knees or from top we’re going on to the forearm low plank pushing up into a high plank I want you to alternate which side you come up on so you go one two three four and then the opposite one two three four good keep that core tight pressing up and like a mix between us push-up and a plank your back flat should be able to balance a glass off your back good you got it you got it you can tell Claudia is doing it because she’s so quiet come on guys you better concentrating on the switching of my arms alright almost there are five four three two one nice whoa what do we got next side shop arm so we’re both gonna side shuffle now I’m going to do a side shuffle let’s reach jump Claudia is going to do overhead squat weight back in your hip on that shuffle you don’t have as much room as we have that’s okay do with it what you have if you have to go here and back and jump that worse – either way keep that weight in your hips don’t cross your feet over good one to the next guy you got come on what did you come here for concentrate on it all up here right now not even physical at this point so all in your head you got come on good work it work it you got ten more seconds that’s it last ten seconds breathe five four three two one okay whoa little ground look at the hair is not gonna live going to a I soloed why I’m gonna walk out I’m gonna put you up Claudia he’s just going to come back either way you’re coming back down and just a low ISO squat position and then walking out with your hands and my legs are a little wider than shoulder-width house you noticed you come back down into the squat good that’s one working your upper body your lower body improving your flexibility and mobility in that lower part of your squat definitely working your core on the plank of America there’s the big kick and your core very efficient move we’re getting a lot in in a short period of time today come on keep it moving guys keep it move you got it let’s go ten more seconds three almost there five four three two one zero nice work thank you so 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