Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner through Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

This total body workout will get your heart rate up, burn calories, and improve strength all at the same time. It’s a great workout for both men and women of beginner all the way through advanced fitness levels. There’s no equipment required. No excuses. Just get to it!

HIIT Cardio Workout No Equipment at Home

Side Shuffle
Chataranga Push Up / from Knees
One Leg Deadlifts / One Leg Down Two Up
Dolphin Push Up / from Knees
Star Jump / Squat Jump
Arm Haulers / Feet on Ground
High Plank Knee Tucks or Tuck Jumps / High Plank Step Ups
Walkout + Knee to Elbow / Walkout
One Leg Forward/Back Hops / Two Legs
Pulse Push Up / from Knees
Triple Drop Squat / Drop Squat
High Plank Punches / from Knees
Running Switch Jumps / Run in Place
Leg Raise + Crunch / Knee Raise + Crunch
Bear Plank Kick Throughs / Bear Plank Step Backs

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a hit workout without weights this is a great routine for both men and women of a beginner all the way through advanced fitness level I’m going to be doing the intermediate through Advanced exercises and follow along with me for all of the beginner modifications now I am going to be using a mat for my knees for comfort but it’s not required if you’d like to do a quick five-minute warm-up you can tap up top otherwise let’s get right into this thing we’re starting with out there a side shuffle or a lateral Juke I’m gonna put my weight in my hips and I’m gonna use the whole size of this room to shuffle side to side where Claudia is just replacing that middle foot with her other foots hopping side to side either way I want you to keep your weight back in your hips hey guys and if this lateral Juke is still a little too hard for you no worries all you need to do is just do a side shuffle and get your arms involved now we’re not going to count any reps today it’s really just about getting as many reps in as you can in the allotted time period so really encourage you to make this workout your own and to get as many reps in as you can and working at your own pace making sure to breathe throughout weights back in those hips guys let’s go breathe hot feet standing nice and light on your feet you don’t want to be clunking around all heavy good keep it up not much longer let’s go five four three two one zero all right we’re going to the ground for the next one I’m gonna be from up on my feet Claudia’s going to go down onto her knees we’re gonna do a combination dive-bomb down hips are up in the air elbows stay in to chaturanga push up so look back hips are back bring those elbows in as you dive down and then press up good this is definitely a tough one no shame and being down on your knees for this one choose that modification that’s right you guys good feel that stretch in your back as you do the die bomber good breathe and I know it’s hard to do but try to focus on keeping those elbows in as you press up and as you dive down oh good work in that upper body woken up waking up right here nice there it is guys work through it let’s go ten more seconds on this one I know it’s a tough one fight through fight through it let’s go come on you got it let’s go five four three two one and zero nice we’re on our feet we’re going to the lower body next we’re going to do one leg deadlift I’m going to go up and down on one leg where Claudia is going to go down on one leg and then she’s going to go up on two so we’re going to break it your hips sit back and then either both legs up or one leg up good posture head and chest is up good and don’t let your one knee collapse in yeah very important to try not to let it do this this whole thing here press it out keep that hip nice and open sit back with those hips using your hips as a hinge and sitting down you see I’m using my opposite side arm for balance feel free to do so but also keep a nice focal point with your eyes find something to look at that’ll really help you stay balanced nice work whew keeping it up is a great unilateral strength exercise you got it stay balanced I know it gets hard it’s gonna get harder or the legs get more tired it’s alright we’re not perfect we’re just all here working together let’s go five four three two one zero all right to the back to the ground we’re going dolphin pushup dolphin pushup got it Claudia’s on her knees I’m up top we’re both starting on our forms in like a plank position but I want you to bring your arms underneath you a little more than you normally would hips go back in the air look back and then stretch all the way forward looking back feel that stretch and then forward again you decide if you want to be on your knees or up top either way this one’s great for your core back shoulders a little chest all getting hit on this one nice work back and forth making sure to breathe on this one very easy to hold your breath and not even realize what you’re doing on it good work at a pace you feel comfortable with nice work guys keep it up pull it all out there rep by Rep what you got let’s go almost there let’s go five four three two one and zero nice up on our feet for the next one we’re going to either a star jump or a squat or squat jump I’m sitting down weights back on our hips I’m explode up jump and star and guys if the squat jump is still too intense for you or high impact just a straight up regular squat is good again make this workout your own today choose a modification that you feel comfortable with come back repeat this workout and you get a little bit better every single time that’s what it’s all about no matter which variation you’re doing make sure you get that weight back in your hips on every rep sitting back good let’s go five four three two one zero nice alright so we’re going to the ground for the next one we’re going to lie down in a prone position on our front arms go out in front of us legs behind us I’m gonna put both my feet and my hands up we’re claudi’s only picking our arms up we’re going to swim keeping our thumbs down press up and then swim with their arms bringing our arms to our side good big circular swim press it forward remembering to breathe now I both my feet and my upper chest off the ground makes a little harder I just have my chest up yes I which variation is right for you whoo this one works quick making sure to breed I not to come down to rest don’t bring your upper body down those arms up no cheating don’t allow those arms to make contact with the ground good you got it keep it going guys keep fighting through I know it’s burning he’s got to push past that burn you’re stronger than that burn good let’s go ten more seconds on this one you got it fight through let’s go five four three two one zero nice going into a high plank position I’m going high plank knee tuck jump bring my knees in jumping out and I am doing high playing step ups and I’m actually going to alternate which leg I bring up next so left leg up left back and then right leg up where I’m bringing them both up jumping up at the same time you decide which one of these variations is right for you keep a slight bend in your elbows good and make that back nice and straight you don’t want your butt up in the air and you don’t want it sinking either yeah try best so use nice light little steps you want to be pounding could I keep it up keep it up you got it stay focused remember what brought you here today what’s your goal what are you working on think about it right here why are you here today what made you start this workout come on well made you start this workout it’s what’s going to help you finish this workout hold on to it good let’s go five four three to one we’re up on our feet next we have a Ford and back hop one leg for me two legs for Claudia staying nice and light on the balls of your feet a little bend in that knee forward and back we give a line that you’re hopping over good breathe stay nice and light little bend in that knee whoo got it if you’re doing one leg you can switch otherwise keep going good good good keep it going keeping that heart rate up we’re feeling good guys that’s how we know what’s working right here putting in the work to get to that goal if you want to achieve it this is how it’s done right here putting in that work sweat equity that’s it whoo I like that come on keep it up guys let’s go five four three two one we’re into a walkout next I’m gonna do walk out with the twist walking out a little bit in my knees walking forward and I get out of here I’m going elbow to knee and I’m just coming right back up guys you bring it right back up nice and tall all the way up so I’m throwing a little extra core move here bringing that knee out to the side on both sides and up to my elbow now you might need to do a bend and your knees first before you can do the walkout that’s perfectly okay but I want you to try to test that flexibility try to bend them as least amount as possible so you can get the added benefits of mobility and some flexibility on this one so feel free to get that nice stretch in the back of the legs on the way up and on the way down good keep it up guys doing great this is what it is all about right here at middle of the workout when you want to quit when you want to give up but then you remember you’re stronger than that you’re better than that move it right here prove it lighten through not hitting that pause button but instead you’re fighting to the very end rep by Rep go out and get it right here nice guys nice let’s go ten more seconds on this one I know it’s tough keep fighting you got it let’s go five four three two one zero all right we’re staying down we’re doing a pulse push up next goodies from your knees get my mat from up top we’re dropping down until those elbows get to about a 90 degree angle and now we’re gonna pulse up and down keep that core tight little baby push-ups about an inch range of motion and you’re pulsing there it is no shame and going to your knees on this one but don’t quit don’t give up finish this set come on you got it prove to yourself what you’re made of right here prove to yourself how crazy you are because anybody else would quit anybody normal wouldn’t be putting themselves through this that’s how darn strong you are that’s how strong you are you’re not gonna quit let’s go five four three two one zero nice oh alright we’re up on our feet for the next one I’m gonna do a trip will drop squat Claudia’s just going to do the singular we’re both dropping out toes pointed out dropping down waiting our hips but now I’m going to go reverse launch reverse lunge and then back to the squat you decide which one of these two variations is right for you today but either way trying to get that weight back in your hips each variation trying to get those knees to a 90-degree angle good pushing the pace we’re right here with you let’s go one into the next guys one into the next it’s that time to work out ler becomes more mental than anything else right you don’t have to listen to those legs you don’t have to listen your arms as whatever it may be that screaming at you you’re stronger than that you are in control it’s all mental right here taking control taking control what you got good let’s go five four three two one to the ground we’re going high plank position I’m up top Claudia is on her knees again shoulders stay Square to the ground bring this hand up to my chin and punch high plank punches punching straight ahead try a best to punch so you’re able to extend that arm in line with your body it’s really what we’re aiming for good full extension twist that palm back facing up and as you punch point with your thumb whoa and punch nice try keep it back nice and straight shoulders seeing as square as possible to the ground nice come on guys what he made of right here boom boom boom you’re an animal let’s see it come on and switch inside halfway done with this one keep it up guys you’re doing great don’t slow down don’t quit you’re a fighter not a quitter fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here nice work guys keep it up putting in that work right here to get to that final destination whatever your goal is or are whatever you’re fighting towards put it all out there right here right now so that way you’ll never have the fear of regret the fear of not giving it your all come on there’s no failure in trying right here three two one and we’re up I’m going running switch jumps Claudia’s just running in place feeder staggered opposite arm in lake either way get those arms working with you staying light on the ball is the feet notice I’m working opposite arm and leg together get that little extra twist even getting the core involved nice get a little bend in your knees don’t ever lock them out and half feet what you got show is that quickness good who think cloudy’s beat me on this one let’s go I’m gonna pick it up I’m feeling good make me look bad over here come on what do you guys got thousands maybe millions of you doing this workout at home work hotel wherever it is we’re all feeling that burn fighting together though let’s go come on let’s go five four three two one to the ground we go lying down flat on our backs arms extended straight over top I’m gonna go lying leg raise Plus crunch cloudy’s gonna do a line knee raise Plus crunch either way we’re fully extending our bodies and then crunching those shoulder blades up off the ground up at the top try your best not to relax your upper or lower body but instead keeping that constant tension on your ass that’s what it’s all about and for mine guys if you need to drop your feet quickly go ahead and do so and you want a little bit more of a challenge but you’re not quiet or coach Kozai kids go ahead and leave your legs up just crunch your knees into your chest so again make this exercise your own this workout your own finding the right variations for you today and you come back you get a little bit better that’s what it’s all about you got it rep after rep going out there and getting it doing the best you can with what you have at any given time that’s what progress is all about and you’re doing that right now keep it up keep it up let’s go five four three – one turning over we go bear plank position when all fours hands and knees and you’re going to come up on the balls of your feet now Claudia is going to do a step back I’m going to do a kick through either way we’re starting at this bear plank position keeping those knees bent at a 90 she’s just going to step back and step forward where I’m going to do a full turn and pivot kicking my opposite leg through keep it moving though even if you just need to hold that bear plank position this is all you got this is all you got don’t worry about it totally cool but don’t quit though don’t quit on us come on don’t quit on yourself doing this for you because you’re worth it right here come on let’s go one into the nest boom boom easy it’s easy you could do this all day nice work guys you are worth it let’s push through we’re almost there make sure to breathe don’t forget so important good you got it you got it let’s go ten more seconds on this one that’s it fight through fight through let’s go five four three two one zero oh nice way haha man nice work guys a butt kicker ah-ha-ha thank you so much for working out with us today you liked this workout and you’ve been working outlets for working out with us for a while you’re starting to see some results see some positive changes we’d encourage you to please check out our patreon page we can learn more about how you can support our mission keep this great service for you for all of your friends around the globe and don’t forget to like this video we know that you enjoyed working out with us so give it a big thumbs up and also subscribe to our 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