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30 Minute Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout

Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Here’s an old school cardio workout to get your heart rate up quick, fast, and in a hurry! There’s no equipment required for this routine, but you may add light dumbbells or water bottles for extra resistance. This fat burning HIIT cardio workout will leave you swimming in a pool of sweat (or at least that’s what it did to Coach).

Warm Up
Step Back and Reach
Upright Row + Rotation + Reach
Overhead Posterior Swing + Calf Raise

Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout

Side Raise + Run in Place
Dumbbell Double Punch
Front / Back Hops / 1,2,3,4
Knee Chop
Lateral 1,2,3
Bent Over Row + Fly
Faux Jump Rope Run in Place
Mountain Climbers / Modified
Front Squat + Push Jerk
Bent Over Punch Out
Faux Jump Rope One Foot / Two
Alternating DB Snatch
Switch Jumps + Twist / Switch Steps
Arm Crossover Jacks / Modified
Overhead High Knee / March

Cool Down
Rotator Cuff Stretch
Toes on Wall Calf Stretch
Cobra to Child’s Post