Intermediate Difficulty
intermediate workout
This 30 minute knockout home MMA workout is one of the fastest ways to burn calories. HASfit’s MMA conditioning routine is great for both men and women. The home MMA workouts do not require any equipment. The UFC training inspired exercises are for intermediate to advanced trainees.

MMA Exercise Instructions: Complete 6 rounds x 5 minutes with the following movements filtered into the standard MMA cardio format.
1-2 pivot
Low Kick – High Kick Combo
lateral plank walks
Low Straight Punchout
High Punchout / Run in Place
High Plank Lateral walk
Shot Double Lunge
Ballistic Push Ups
Low Hook Punchout
Jumping Knees
2 Front Kick – Superman Punch
High / Low Plank Transition
Knee Side Kick Combo

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