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45 Min Ultimate Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Intermediate Difficulty
intermediate workout

If you’re looking for a relaxing workout, then this isn’t it! But if you want a cardio kickboxing workout that will kick your butt, then you’re search is over. There’s no equipment required for this routine, but you may want to use a couple of light hand weights or water bottles for extra resistance.

Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Warm Up:
Arm Crossover + Butt Kick
Straight Leg Kick + Twist
Faux Jump Rope

Round 1:
Front Kicks
Combo + Shuffle
Predator Jack and Punch
Bear Plank Walkout with Pushup

Round 2:
20 Knees
Combo + Duck
High Plank Toe Touch
Overhead Squats

Round 3:
3 High-Low-High Hooks
High Punch Out + Run in Place
Forward & Back Hop
High Plank Punches

Round 4:
Side Kicks
Push Up + Superman Reach
Squat Slips
Reverse Lunge + Knee Raise

Round 5:
Combo+ 90 degree
Uppercut Punch Out
Wall Sit Leg Extensions
High Plank Elbow to Knee

Round 6:
Side to Side Punch Out
Low Kick / High Kick
Ballistic Push Ups x 5
Combo + Burpee

Cool Down:
Vinyasa Flow
Toe Touch to Scarecrow
Standing Quad Stretch
Chest Opener