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15 Min Low Impact Aerobics – Quiet Cardio Workout for Beginners with No Jumping

Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications provided
beginner workout

Whether you need low impact because of neighbors below you or you’re trying to avoid jumping all together because of an injury, this is the workout for you. Choose from low impact or beginner modifications. You can use light dumbbells, water bottles, or just your arms depending on your fitness level. Make this routine your own!

Low Impact Aerobics

Complete 2 rounds of each exercise for 40 seconds
Lateral Jukes / Side Steps
Wall Climbers / w/o Jump
Lunge Back + Curl / Step Back + Curls
Jumping Jacks / Butt Kick Jacks
Toe Touches / Knee Touches
High Knee Pulldowns
Jumping Wall Push ups / More vertical
Squat + Wood Chops / Wood Chops