Beginner Difficulty
beginner workout

This is a complete beginner workout routine. Gain strength, improve endurance, and burn calories all at the same time. You’ll need either a chair, box, or step. You may add a couple of water bottles or light hand weights for additional resistance.

Warm Up Before Workout

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds
High Knee March / Run in Place
Wall Pushups
Staggered High Knee / w/ Lunge
Row + Fly Combo
Posterior Swings

Beginner Workout Routine

Complete 2 Rounds of each movement for 40 seconds
Punch Out + Run in Place
Bent Over Straight Arm Fly + Row
Standing Elbow to Knee
Touchdowns + Reach Up
High Plank Knee Raise + Mule Kick from Chair / Couch
Lateral Juke
Push Up from Knees + Shoulder Touch
Staggered Twists
Wall Mountain Climbers
Ballistic Wall Push ups
Staggered Butt Kicks
High Plank Row from Knees

Standing Ab Workout

Standing Pike
Knee Chop
Twist Jump / Twist from Split
Oblique Crunch (Knee out to Elbow)
Nordic Tracks
Split Stance Crunch
Over the Shoulders

Static Stretching Exercises for Beginners

Hold each stretch for 15 seconds (per side when applicable):
Chest opener
Upright external rotation
Rotator cuff (hand behind lower back)
Overhead triceps / lat stretch
Chair reach
Quad stretch from chair
Good morning hamstring (optional elevated)
Calf stretch (toes on wall / bend knee)
Cat cow
Wrist extensors
Childs pose
Knee to chest stretch
Lower back twist stretch
Lying glute / hip stretch

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