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25 Min Chair Exercises Sitting Down Workout

Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Get your chair and let’s begin! This a great routine for anyone who may have trouble exercising while standing due to balance or mobility restraints. This full body routine doesn’t require any equipment, but you may want to add dumbbells or water bottles for added resistance.

Warm up:
March + Arm Crossover
Side to Side Punch
Good Morning Two Legs

Chair Exercises Sitting Down Workout

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds:
Chest Squeeze + Leg Extension / Low
Upright Row + External Rotation + Press / Water Bottles
Skier Swings w/ Legs Extended / Legs In
Seated Jacks / Water Bottles
Reverse Curl + Press + Calf Raise / Water Bottles
Elbow to Knee / Not as High
Run in Place / March in Place
See Saw Row / Water Bottles
Faux Jump Rope / Faux Jump Rope Run in Place
Push + Twist

Cool Down
Overhead Flexion
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Seated Cross Leg
Upper Back Reach
Calf and Hamstring Stretch
Seated Quad Stretch