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28 Min Knee Strengthening & Knee Stretches

Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Here’s a complete knee rehabilitation routine. First, perform knee stretches to improve mobility and range of motion. Then perform knee strengthening exercises designed to enhance knee stability and strengthen the muscles around the knee. You’ll need a chair and then either a towel, band, or strap. You’ll also need either a low aerobic box or a stack of books.

Knee Stretches

Lying Heel Slides x 15 sec hold
Seated Heel Slides x 15 sec hold
Seated Calf Stretch x 15 sec hold
Hamstring Stretch x 15 sec hold
Patella Stretch x 15 sec
Figure Four x 15 sec hold
Lying Quad Stretch x 15 sec hold

Knee Strengthening

Complete 2 rounds of the following exercises:
Low and Slow Step Up x 12
Split Squat x 8
Chair Get Ups / Chair Squat x 12
Wall Sit x 30 seconds