Intermediate Difficulty (Advanced Modifications Provided)
intermediate workout

This workout will turn you into a calorie burning machine! No weights required for this one, but if you want to add additional resistance feel free to grab a couple of water bottles or light dumbbells. Ready, set, go!

HIIT Cardio Workout

Complete 1 Rounds of 45 seconds of each movement:
Super Skater Jumps / Skaters
Overhead Punches
Goblet Lateral Drop Squat with dumbbell / No DB
High Plank Toe – Knee Tap / Shoulder – Hip
Jump Squats / Squats
Hook Punches
Semi-Circle Mountain Climber / Mountain Climber
Upper Cuts
Crab Walks / Crab Kicks
High Knee / Fast Feet
Bear Plank Fast Feet / Step backs

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