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35 Minute HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

HIIT workouts are the fastest way to burn calories and this routine does just that! It will turn your body into a calorie burning machine. This is a great routine for both men and women. Just grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to sweat.

HIIT Workout with Weights

Complete 2 Rounds of 50 seconds of each exercise:
DB Posterior Swings / Lighter Weight
Bear Plank Triceps Kickback / from Knees
Sumo DL + Curl + Press / Curl from top
Shot put + Split Squat / Shot Put Press
180 jump squats / 180 squats
Dumbbell Battling Ropes
Side Lunge + Curl / Lateral Squat + Curl
Crossbody Wood Chop / no Weights
Halos (around head like a whip) / Lighter Weights
Reverse Lunge + Curl / Split Squat
High Plank Dumbbell Transfers / from Knees
Mountain Climber / Modified
Bent Over Row + Reverse Fly / Lighter Weight
One Wall Sit Arms Overhead / Wall Sit Arms Parallel
V Sit Dumbbell Fly / Feet on ground