Intermediate Difficulty (Beginner Modifications Provided)
intermediate workout

Join Coach Kozak and Claudia to burn up to 500 calories with this HIIT Workout for Fat Loss. This is a great high intensity routine with beginner through intermediate modifications provided. A pair of dumbbells is required and you’ll want to modify the weight depending on your fitness level. Remember it is always better to start light and work your way up.

HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

Complete 3 Rounds with 30 seconds of work for each exercise
Lunge + chop / Modified to shoulder
V sit fly / Mod with feet on the ground
Dumbbell goodmorning + Hammer curl
Crab toe touch / Crab kick
Push up + toe touch / Push up from knees + Shoulder touch
Jump rope / Faux jump rope
Leaning windmill curl / Windmill curl
Plank row ISO / Plank row ISO from knees
Lunge + press / Squat + press
One leg ISO hip up + pullover / Both legs
Bear plank kick throughs / Bear plank step backs

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