Intermediate Difficulty Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout
We dare you to try this routine and not finish swimming in a pool of sweat! This tabata hiit workout for fat loss only requires a pair of dumbbells and it’s great for both men and women. Use this routine to gain strength, improve endurance, and torch fat! You’ll perform 4 back-to-back rounds of each exercise with each round including 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Tabata HIIT Workout for Fat Loss + Abs

Part 1: Warm Up
One Arm Reach and Knee Raise
Pull the Rope
Straight Kick + Twist

Part 2: HIIT Tabata Workout
Squat + Row
V Sit Fly / Feet on Floor
Staggered Overhead Skiers / Parallel Skiers
One Arm Press + Side Lunge / + Lateral Squat
Piston Push Pull
One Leg Iso Hip Up + Chest Press / Two Legs
Archer Plank Row + Press / from Knees
Reverse Lunge + Twist + Halo
Reverse Curl + Knee Raise
Front Squat + Rotational Press
Bear Plank Reach Through Fly / from Knees
Dumbbell Earthquake
Dumbbell Hold Leg Raise / Knee Raise
Staggered Push Up / from Knees
One Leg Wall Sit / Wall Sit

Part 3: Abs
High Plank Extensions / Arm Extension
Frog Tuck / from Upright
High Plank Walk Out / from Knees
Flutter Kicks / Knees Bent

Part 4: Cool Down
Wall Overhead Lat and Trap Stretch
90-90 / Pigeon
Cat / Cow
Posterior Shoulder Stretch from Fours