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Coach Kozak’s Agility Training in the Gym – HASfit Speed Workouts – Agility Exercises

Advanced Difficulty

Coach Kozak’s agility training in the gym is great for all sports. HASfit’s speed workouts and agility exercises are great for both males and females. The speed training routine requires an agility ladder.

Agility Exercise Routine Instructions: Complete 4 Rounds of each exercise with 10 seconds rest in between each set.
180 Twists x 30 seconds
Broad Jump + 2 Reverse Jumps x 30 seconds
Ladder Drill – Snake Drill Down & Back x 2
Ladder Drill – Step-in Step Out Down & Back x 3
One Leg Lateral Jumps x 15 seconds each leg
One Leg Forward & Back Jumps x 15 seconds each leg
One Leg Reach Hops x 15 seconds each leg
Ladder Drill – Icky Shuffle Down & Back x 3
Ladder Drill – Crossover Shuffle Down & Back x 3