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Basketball Workouts to Jump Higher – HASfit How to Dunk Training

Intermediate Difficulty
intermediate workout

Coach Kozak’s basketball workouts to jump higher are just what you’re looking for. HASfit’s jumping exercises are scientifically designed for dunk training. The basketball workout is great for both men and women.

Jump Training instructions: Complete each set with a 45 second rest period in between.
Jump Shrug from Floor 4 x 8
Scissor Jumps 4 x 16
Knee Tucks 4 x 12
Pogo Jumps 3 x 15
Depth Jumps 3 x 15
Altitude Landings 3 x 15 (5 at 1/4 squat landing, 5 at 1/2 squat, and 5 at full squat)