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17 Min Warm Up Exercises Before Workout

Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications Provided
beginner workout

This 2 part routine is the ultimate warm up before your workout. Use it before HIIT, strength training, or running. There’s no equipment required for this routine. Start by getting your heart rate up and raising your overall core temperature. Then perform dynamic stretches to improve mobility.

Warm Up Exercises Before Workout

Part 1: Cardio
Butt Kick + Arm Crossover / Modified Butt Kick
Jumping Jack / Modified Jack
Opposite Side Toe Touch / Knee Touch
Run in Place / March in Place

Part 2: Dynamic Stretches
Twisting Reverse Lunge
Vinyasa Flow
Fire Hydrant Circles
Lying Straight Leg Crossovers
Page Turns
Multi-planar Lunge