Last week, Coach Kozak and I were thrilled to find out we’re expecting a baby girl….thrilled yet completely scared out of our minds! I know what I was like as a little girl which scares me the most and for Coach Kozak, he just has no experience or knowledge on the subject so is just baffled at the idea of a baby girl. I joke with Coach Kozak that this will be him….

Anyway, we’re excited and can’t wait to meet her! So, what’s life been like for me up to this point as a pregnant woman? Better than expected thus far I must say. I’m getting bigger but still fitting in most clothes although I have recently purchased maternity pants from H&M which I love, I just wish they’d make their skinny jeans for lady’s with quads. I will also probably need to invest in some new workout pants and tops as they’re definitely more snug. I have pregnancy boobs from hell that require a size larger shirt. Pretty soon, I’ll be raiding Coach’s side of the closet!

I’m up 9 pounds and have maintained a 4-5 day a week workout schedule. As we all know because of HASfit that YouTube is an amazing source from free full length workout routines. I’m still doing some HASfit routines but of course modifying them as necessary. I only do standing abs and planks now, I will still do chest flys but only on an exercise ball and I take breaks during routines if I need to. Some of my favorite HASfit and non HASfit YouTube workouts are:

10 Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates

25 Minute Prenatal Yoga 

7 Minute Plank Workout  – modifications: opposite leg & arm raise is done from my knees, knee tuck jumps are done as knee to elbows from a high plank position.

Oblique Workout 

BodyRock Baby Week 2

Home Body Weight Workout Modifications: Opposite elbow to knee extensions are done as Bird Dog Exercise (same movement as Coach K but from the knees)

15 Minute Inferno Fat Burning Routine Modifications: 30-45 second rest between rounds!

Ultimate 10 Minute Cardio Modifications: Rest when need and windshield wipers are performed as standing opposite knee to elbow touches. 

20 Minute Weight Training at Home Modifications: Dumbbell Floor Fly + Iso Leg Raise performed as 12 push ups (from knees)

3 Rounds of Beach Body Circuit Routine Modifications: DB Chest Press performed as push ups 

Those are 10 of my favorite exercises that I’m performing right now and also when weather permits, I enjoy my 3 mile walk at a brisk pace or sometimes I walk/jog my 3 miles alternating every half mile. Finish it off with a nice strectch or the 25 minute yoga routine.

I’m still remaining as physically active as possible which is very important during pregnancy. If it’s good for the mama then it’s good for the baby. I’ll be addressing my diet and what I’m eating in a separate blog post!


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