Fitness Journey & Weight Loss Motivation Speech

An inconvenient truth: there will be nothing easy about your fitness journey.

The technology era has brought a level of ease, convenience, and instant gratification never before seen by mankind. Within 10 seconds we can order a pizza, request a ride, or pull up a how to video on any subject imaginable.

We’ve trained ourselves to expect instant results with a tap of the finger, so when our brains don’t receive instant gratification our primal instinct tells us to turn around and give up because it’s too hard.

Your fitness journey (and pursuit of any other worthwhile goal) will be a lot like our recent 20 mile backpacking adventure. There will be long uphill battles where you barely feel like you’re even moving.

Followed by brief moments of joy as you take a look around to recognize small victories along the way.

Next, you’ll feel pain. Emotional and physical. You’ll ask yourself if it’s even worth it. Your brain will come up with a million different excuses to justify turning around and just quitting.

“Maybe, I’m not meant to be fit.”

“I have bad knees/back/hips/shoulders/big toe and nothing will change that.”

“I’m too old, fat, and out of shape.”

“I’m just a skinny person that will never gain muscle.”

“I’m just big boned.”

Then comes the moment of truth. Do you display the mental toughness required to push past the barriers in your way or do you succumb to the voice in your head that says, “it’s just too hard”?

For us, the payoff was breathtaking views and priceless family memories.

For your fitness journey, the payoff could mean years added to your life (7 minutes added for every 1 minute of exercise), self-confidence and feeling comfortable in your skin, or not falling victim to a disease that has already claimed members of your beloved family.

Stay focused on your goal. Be consistent and patient. Have faith the work you’re putting in today will get you to where you deserve to be tomorrow.

You can do this.