Research says that our brains are hardwired for pleasure and sugar works like many other addictive drugs. For those who struggle with sugar addiction, remember it is not as simple as a moral failing or lack of willpower. Here are five suggestions to help break your sugar addiction:

1. Balance your blood sugar

Research studies say that low blood sugar levels are associated with lower overall blood flow to the brain, which means more bad decisions. To keep your blood sugar stable:

Eat a nutritious breakfast with some protein like eggs, protein shakes, or nut butters. Studies repeatedly show that eating a healthy breakfast helps people maintain weight loss.

Also, have smaller meals throughout the day. Eat every 3-4 hours and have some protein with each snack or meal (lean animal protein, nuts, seeds, beans).

Avoid eating 3 hours before bedtime.

2. Eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners and your cravings will go away

Go cold turkey. If you are addicted to narcotics or alcohol you can’t simply just cut down. You have to stop for your brain to reset. Eliminate refined sugars, sodas, fruit juices, and artificial sweeteners from your diet. These are all drugs that will fuel cravings.

3. Determine if hidden food allergies are triggering your cravings.

We often crave the very foods that we have a hidden allergy to. Get tested to see if your food allergies are preventing you from resisting cravings

4. Get 7-8 hours of sleep.

Research shows that lack of sleep increases cravings. Your body is searching energy and knows a sugary treat will give you a temporary boost. We’re also more inclined to overeat when we haven’t had enough sleep

5. Optimize your nutrient status with craving cutting supplements

Optimize your vitamin D level: According to one study, when Vitamin D levels are low, the hormone that helps turn off your appetite doesn’t work and people feel hungry all the time, no matter how much they eat.

Optimize omega-3s: Low levels of omega three fatty acids are involved in normal brain cell function, insulin control and inflammation.

Consider taking natural supplements for cravings control. Glutamine, tyrosine, 5-HTP are amino acids that help reduce cravings. Stress reducing herbs such as Rhodiola can help. Chromium balances blood sugar and can help take the edge off cravings. Glucomannan fiber is very helpful to reduce the spikes in sugar and insulin that drive cravings and hunger.

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