Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Working on our core has never been more fun. We’re going to keep the pace up with this 10 minute ab workout to challenge you while helping to tighten and strengthen your mid-section. This ab workout can be performed with dumbbells or without weights depending on your fitness and ability level. We’ll provide modifications along the way to allow you to pick the best exercise variation for you.

10 Minute Ab Workout

High Plank Pull Throughs / from Knees
Reverse Crunches / Feet Return
Low Plank DB Saw / from Knees
Hollow Body with Iso-DB Hold / Knees Bent
Side Plank Reach Throughs / from Knees
Half-Kneeling Dig and Chop
Pilates Swimming
Long Crunch / No Weight
Plank / from Knees