Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

One of our favorite ways to burn maximum calories in minimum time is with HIIT workouts for fat loss. We’re working your full body today and we recommend having a few dumbbells available so that you can switch up the weight depending on the exercise. You may want a bench, chair, or box available for a few of the moves, but it’s not required. Let’s burn it out!

Warm up
Stepback and Reach
Toe Touch + Cactus Arms
Standing Figure Four / from Floor

HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

Neutral Press + Iso Hold
DB Reverse Lunge + Twist
DB Hammer Curl
Neutral Grip Row
Offset Front Squat + Calf Raise
DB Triceps Kickback
DB Hang Clean
Side Plank Leg Raise / Knee Down
Hollow Body Seesaw Press / Knees Bent
DB Posterior Swing
DB Straight Arm Reverse Fly
Halo + Goblet Squat

Cool Down
Standing Quad Stretch
Downward Dog to Cobra to Child’s Pose