Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications Provided
beginner workout

Everyone needs resistance training. This statement may sound like hyperbole, but it really benefits everyone. Follow along with beginner strength training workout to improve strength, build lean muscle, burn more fat at rest, increase bone density, and much much more. You’ll need dumbbells for this routine and we recommend having a few pairs available to you so that you can switch up the weights as needed. You’ll also need either a chair, box, or bench handy. Let’s get moving!

Warm up
Bird Dog
Quadruped Rotation
March in Place + Arm Crossover

Beginner Strength Training

A1: Standing DB Shoulder Press x 10
A2: RDL + Shrug x 10
B1: Reverse Grip Bent Over Row x 10
B2: DB Chair Goblet Squat / No DB x 10
C1: Side Plank Reach Through from Knees / No Reach x 30 seconds
C2: Lying Dumbbell Chest Press and Twist x 10

Cool Down
Lying Figure Four
Lying Angels
Cobra to Child Pose