Beginner Difficulty with Intermediate Modifications provided
beginner workout

Our focus with this routine is help you burn fat and build lean muscle at the same time. The beginner’s HIIT workout does require dumbbells and we recommend having a few pairs of weights available so you may switch up the resistance as needed. No other equipment is required. We’ll complete just one round of each exercise so there are no repeating movements. Each round will be 30 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest. If you’re ready to begin this full body workout, then hit that start button!

Warm up
Hamstring Sweep
Side Leg Swings
March in Place + Chest Opener

Beginners HIIT Workout

Reverse Grip Bent-over Row
Squat + Reach
Arm Crossover + Butt Kick
R Side Plank / from Knees
Reverse DB Curl
Goblet Reverse Lunge / No DB’s
Seesaw Neutral Press
Hot Feet
Lying Dumbbell Chest Press
DB Hip Up / No DB
L Side Plank / from Knees
DB Overhead March in Place / No DB’s
DB Reverse Triceps Kickback
DB Sumo Deadlift Pulse / No DB’s

Cool Down
Lying Figure Four
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
Downward Dog / Kneeling