Beginner Difficulty with Intermediate Modifications provided
beginner workout

Here’s a 20 minute low impact workout to burn calories, gain strength, and improve cardiovascular endurance. You’ll need either a couple of light hand weights or water bottles for resistance. You may also want a chair available. If you’re ready, let’s go!

Warm up
Squat to Overhead Reach
Good Morning
Fly + Row Combo

Low Impact Cardio

Hook Punches / No weights
Butt Kick + Pull Back
Oblique Pulldowns
Straight Arm Jacks / Modified
Side Shuffle / Side to Side
Donkey Kick + Arm Extensions
Split Knee Drive
Seesaw Press / Water Bottles
Faux Jump Rope / No jump
Curl + Front Kick / Low Kick

Cool Down
Standing Quad Stretch / Chair
Iso Upright External Rotation
Step Back and Reach
Downward Dog / From Chair