Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications Provided
beginner workout

Follow along with Coach Kozak and Claudia through this full body strength training workout. It’s great for beginners and adults over 50. You’ll need dumbbells and we encourage you to have multiple pairs available so that you may switch up the resistance as needed. We’ll focus on resistance training techniques to help you build lean muscle and gain strength. Let’s do it!

Warm up
Hamstring Sweep
Deep Squat + Overhead Reach
Bent Over T-Rotation

Strength Training at Home for Beginners & Over 50

A1: DB Squat x 12
A2: DB Neutral Press x 12
B1: DB Reverse Fly x 12
B2: Side Lunge / Adjust Depth x 12
C1: Dead Bugs / Heel Taps x 30 sec
C2: Lying Dumbbell Chest Press x 12
D1: DB Zottman Curl x 12
D2: DB Bent Over Row x 12
D3: Iso Hip Up Kicks / March x 30 sec

Cool Down
90-90 Hip Stretch
Toe Touch to Chest Opener
Side Lying Quad Stretch