Beginner Difficulty with Intermediate Modifications provided
beginner workout

Are you in the mood for a killer routine, but also want to take it easy on your joints? Then this low impact cardio and standing abs workout with no jumping may be perfect for you. This total body exercise routine includes four parts: warm-up, low impact cardio, standing ab, and cool down. There’s no equipment required for this routine, but you may add light hand weights for extra resistance. You may also want a chair available for a couple of the exercises, but it isn’t required.

Warm up
High Low Rope Pull
Opposite Side Toe Touch
March in Place

Low Impact Cardio

Cross Body Punches / Side Step
Overhead Arm Swing + 2 Step Back + 1 Reverse Lunge / No Reverse Lunge
High Low Punches / Less Squat Depth
Butt Kick + Arm Crossover
Dumbbell Curl + Run in Place / Water Bottles
Squat + Power Clap / Low Kick
Seesaw Row
Rainbow Skater
Step Back and Punch / Water Bottles
Side Shuffle
Ladder Climbs
Skier Swing / No Weight
Modified Jack / Foot Tap Down
Opposite Elbow to Knee

Standing Abs

Straight Leg Kick + Chop
Split Knee Drive Elbow to Knee
Single Leg Knee Raise
Bent Over Oblique Rotations
Nordic Skiers
Hook Punches
Staggered Diagonal Chop

Cool Down
One Leg Hip Hinge
Staggered Bent Over Rotation
Standing Quad Stretch / with Chair
Hands Behind Head Chest Stretch