Ultimate Warrior Difficulty
ultimate warrior workout

This Intense calisthenics workout will challenge and push you past plateaus. HASfit’s body weight exercises and calisthenic workout is for advanced athletes only. The calisthenics exercises are best done at a gym or in the park.

Calisthenics Workouts Instructions: Complete each set with a 30 seconds rest in between each.
180 Touchdowns 4 x 15
High Plank Knee Tucks 4 x 15
Elevated Push Ups 4 x 12
Pistol Squat + Calf Raise 4 x 12 each leg
Pronate Pull Up 3 x 10
Manual Triceps Extension 3 x 10
Body Weight Bulgarian Squat 3 x 12 each leg
Hanging Knee Twist 3 x 12
Inverted Body Weight Curls 3 x 10

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