Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Who says you need a gym to build muscle? This dumbbell back and biceps workout will improve your strength and build muscle right from your home. You’ll want to have a few varying weights available so that you can change the weight depending on the movement and muscle groups used. This exercise routine also requires a towel for one of the exercises, so be sure to have it ready. You got this!

Warm up
T, I, Y’s
Rope Pulls

Dumbbell Back and Biceps Workout

A1: Self-supported Single Arm DB Row x 10
A2: Hammer Curl x 12
B1: Duffin Row x 12
B2: 1:3 Tempo Curl x 10
C1: Pronate Towel Pullback x 15
C2: Reverse Curl x 12
D1: DB Pullover x 12
D2: Iso-90 Reverse Curl x 30 seconds

Cool Down
Wall Angels