Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Let’s work on our lower body today! This 30 minute legs and glutes workout will help you build strength and lean muscle. It’s designed to be done at home or in the gym with minimal equipment. You’ll need dumbbells and we recommend having several weights available so that you can switch up your weight depending on the movement. This exercise routine also requires a bench, box, or chair for one of the exercises. Ready, set, let’s go!

Warm up
Bird Dog
Adductor Rock Back
Squat to T Rotation

30 Min Legs & Glutes Workout with Dumbbells

A1: DB Bulgarian Split Squats / No DB’s x 8 each
A2: DB Calf Raise x 15
B1: DB Kickstand RDL x 8 each
B2: One Crossed Leg Hip Up x 10 each
C1: DB Side Lunge / No DB x 8 each
C2: Side Plank Clam Shell x 10 each

Cool Down
Side Lying Quad Stretch
90-90 Hip Stretch
Feet Together/Straddle Reach