Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Build muscle and strength with this complete back and bicep workout. You can complete this workout either at home or in the gym. This is a great routine for both men and women. This workout uses advanced muscle building techniques that require you to have at least two pairs of dumbbells. You’ll need one lighter and one heavier pair so you can switch up the weight as needed. While this routine only requires a pair of dumbbells, you may also use a barbell, pull-up bar, or resistance band for some movements.

Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells –

Back and Bicep Workout

Part 1: Back
A1: DB Bent Over Row / Pullups 5×5
B1: Dumbbell Sumo Stiff Leg Deadlift / Barbell x15 x12 x10 x8
B2: Dumbbell High Pull / Barbell Hang Clean x15 x12 x10 x8
C1: Dumbbell Upright Row / Barbell x12 x10 x8
C2: Dumbbell Reverse Fly / Band Pull Apart x12 x10 x8
D1: T x 30 sec
D2: I x 30 sec
D3: Y x 30 sec
E1: Plank Scapula Pushups from Knees / on Feet x 60 sec

Part 2: Biceps
A1: Bent Over Spider Curls 4×8
B1: Wide Grip Curls x12 x10 x8
B2: Reverse Curl + Wrist Curl x12 x10 x8
C1: Forearm Bicep Twists x12 x10 x8
C2: Kneeling Hammer Curl x12 x10 x8
D1: Zottman Curls x Burnout

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a muscle building back and biceps workout this workout uses multiple muscle building techniques they require you to have at least two pairs of dumbbells you’re going to want one heavier and one lighter pair so you can switch up the weight as needed while dumbbells are the only piece of equipment that’s required for today’s routine you will have the opportunity to incorporate a barbell if you choose if you haven’t warmed up yet go ahead and click the link up top and then I’ll send you on over to our quick five minute warm-up otherwise let’s get this thing going [Music] we’re going to do some strength work to start so we’re going to do five sets of five of either a pull-up or a dumbbell bent over row so if you’re going to do the bent over row with your dumbbells be sure that you pick a pair of dumbbells that’s a challenging weight for you and we’re just going to break at our hips at a 45 degree angle I’m going to pull back from the elbows whether you’re doing the pull-up or the dumbbell bent over row focusing on full range of motion if you’re doing the pull-up you’re trying your best not to swing and keep that pull-up nice and under control this now depending on your pull-up strength you may want to adjust this exercise you can do so with a resistance band a resistance band you can also do so by doing a jump pull-up or you actually jump up and then just do the negative portion or the lowering phase back down so there’s a couple different variations if you’re new to pull-ups and trying to get into them alright let’s go ahead and get into that second set of five again breaking it the hips for the bent over row and pulling back on those elbows for you got one more and five if your weight is still a little too light not much of a challenge feel free to increase yeah so again we want you to customize this workout for yourself and for your own fitness level if you start with the pull-ups and maybe you move on over to the dumbbell version that works too so just to solve challenging yourself exactly challenging yourself pushing yourself just getting that extra five percent right okay let’s go ahead and get that third set and we’ll give you a little bit different view for this next one pull them back from those elbows three four last one right here fine and dawn end of the third set just two more sets remaining shake it out shake it out we’re doing these for strength purposes so on this one don’t be afraid to challenge yourself infinitely and pick the weight up a little bit yeah did you start it with the 15s and I moved up to the 2015’s I don’t with two light source eyebrows so again I customized this workout to your own specific needs okay let’s take that for set pulling back from those elbows is a key on both of these movements that’s the cue it’s all about good form here I’m you bent over rows breathe read in I’m a breeze in on the lowering phase and exhale on the push or that the hard part of hard part of the movement is when you should exhale right exactly all right we only have one more set to go shake it loose shake them off this is our stuff that there we go getting our compound movements out of the way here let’s hit this last one and ten last in ten seconds it’s ready position let’s go five four three two one last set make it count three you got two more four and five whoo all right it felt every last one of those good job we’re going to do a superset next 15 reps 12 reps 10 reps and then 8 working up in weight as we go back and forth between a sumo stiff leg deadlift I’m going to use the barbell Claudia is going to use dumbbells feet are wide little point out on the toes slight bend in your knees and I Drive those hips back we’re going to perform 15 sumo stiff leg dead lifts just keeping a slight bend in your knee throughout back stays straight and you decide which variation is right for you today should be feeling a big stretch in your back side on this one had more I’m going to work your entire posterior chain from your traps rhomboids last lower back hamstrings glutes it’s a great overall movement keep your knees up on this one don’t allow them to collapse in back nice and straight and tight and here’s a lot surface’ guys alright excellent okay next we’re going to alternate this with either a barbell hand clean or a dumbbell high pull high pull so again I’m going to use the barbell we’re both going to start by having a little bend their knees we’re going to drive our hips back bring our hands down just below our knees then we’re going to bring our elbow as high as we come up onto the balls of our feet and that’s where mines up I’m going to bend over as we said 45 degrees and explode using my hips and I’m going to bring my dumbbells up here and drop back down into the movement again I’m going to finish and actually catch the barbell on top in a clean and catch back down you decide which one is right for you we’re doing 15 let’s get into it right now breathing through out really want you to focus on using and engaging those hips and I’ll show you what looks like from the side guys driving those elbows and hands up and we have five more to go after this four three two one use your last one right here zero excellent okay so as we said we’re going to move it up we’re doing twelve repetitions next yep we’re aiming for about a 15 second rest in between and ideally you want to move up their weight if you have it and you know as you do more of these workouts we’re moving up in a way you’ll get better at guessing what weight is going to be appropriate for these different movements come back you’re just a little bit better at it going back into that sumo stiff leg deadlift yea imma show you guys what looks like from the side so weights back in the hips slight bend in the knees and drive those hips forward and back for 12 repetitions keep the back straight I want you to breathe in on the way down breathe out as you come up flex those gluts up at the top half way through nice full range of motion if you’re using the barbell try your best not to bounce off the ground but keep it under control two more last one right here twelve all right up drop these weights for a little bit shake out your arms here for 15 seconds change in weight if you need to for the next set yeah twelve repetitions of either the hand clean or the dipole yep you decide which one’s right for you my traps are starting to feel it I hope you guys are too okay here we go let’s hit it for 12 reps ready position and do it and don’t hold your breath make sure to breathe halfway point right here and last one nice job all right excellent do you think I’m actually going to stick with this wait for the ten but the ten all right there we go I’m gonna love mine just a little bit for this next one not too much we can help you out here sir thank you very much you had something to customize this workout to meet your needs that’s why it’s best to have some variety when it comes to equipment and weight yeah so you’re able to explore some these different muscle building techniques okay we have ten repetitions sumo stiff leg deadlift feet are wide using that posterior chain back stays straight let’s get it guys get after it right here part of the easy my glutes at the top of that movement there that type of the time of the workout we feel it becomes even more important to focus on what brought you today to begin with what is it what are your goals what motivates you last line after this Volcom ever ten nice drop the weights for a second okay I’m going to go back down just a little bit for my hand cleans that next set of ten don’t be afraid to do it don’t do not be afraid to change the wait for every side yep okay here we go let’s get in this next one we got ten repetitions ready and begin halfway guys two more nine and ten nice job excellent work okay here we go we go one more time around the horn yeah off you wait if you’re going to eight repetitions of that sumo stiff leg last out of these all right I think I’m going to go up this time we encourage you to challenge yourself challenge yourself within still being able to use good form and safe form but don’t be afraid to push your weight you want to gain muscle can’t be afraid to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone okay feet are wide let’s hit it hey guys here we go and begin weight back in those hips every time focus on keeping your back straight halfway [Music] two more breathe last one right here perfect eight nice work everybody weights down okay we have one last set I’m going to get crazy for my last set of cleans form probably won’t be perfect but you know what I’m going to push it a little bit here okay we have one last set of eight yep these are cleaned for that high pull yep take a couple of deep breaths next set here in five seconds last one of the superset whoo eight reps let’s get it guys three two one on it here we go push eight would you come here for three two one last one zero ha excellent job yes nice job the next superset combines two exercises we’re going to do 12 sets then 10 sets and then 8 first movement is going to be an upright row keeping good posture pulling up with your elbows either with the barbell or dumbbells or the dumbbells and then we’re going to use either a resistance band which is what I’m going to use or dumbbells same movement slight Bend elbows Claudia is going to do a reverse fly and I’m going to do a band pull apart so choose your appropriate weight we’re getting started with those upright rows we’re going to do 12 repetitions – sorry hands shoulder-width apart whichever version you’re doing the cue is still the same is pull up at your elbow good posture pull up at your elbows trying your best to avoid using too much momentum as you get fatigued there’s a good chance you’re going to want to start using some momentum and if you’re pushing the weight a little bit is okay just don’t get too crazy and cheat too hard got three more breathe and last one coming up and zero okay I’m going to use a band for the next one Claudia’s going to use dumbbells we’re doing the same overall movement I actually have three bands here a lighter a medium and a heavy that same basic movement is a slight bend in your elbows and then you’re going to pull apart from those elbows and squeeze them under your back and I’m doing the traditional fly so I’m bent over at a 45 degree angle right at my hips we’re going to perform 15 pulling back well I’m sorry 12 reps easy Pilates always keeping me in line what would I do without her okay keep those elbows bent throughout the movement you’re really going to want to start to extend it’s like reading out your arms but I want you to avoid that temptation just pulling and squeezing those elbows few more guys at middle of your back 11 last one 12 good okay so we can set that down with our next set of 10 of the upright row so go ahead if you’re going to change your weight now is the time to do so I’m going to up mine just a little bit I’m gonna stick with mine for now these definitely are not my stronger body part I bet I can I chose this one I’m feeling after the clean so you know hey we know it’s working right okay let’s hit ten repetitions on this one good posture pull back pull up from those elbows let’s go we really have to get in a good mindset for this one push through that pain and you’re halfway there breathe two more we got nine in hand boom all right burn so good feel good guys we’re getting there rep by Rep okay let’s hit ten reps on either band pull apart or your reverse flyes we decide which one you’re going with 15 second rest in between these desolates thanks it’s okay jumping the gun no no we’re excited okay now you can go home Hobart slight bend in those elbows we’re hitting a total of 10 repetitions three nice don’t work guys halfway mark one into the next focus on what brought you here today to begin with what is more what’s that goal what are you working on and ten nice okay one more of each back to those upright rows all right I might up my weight a little bit here I’m pushing the weight a little bit on this next one on the last one so again my form is going to be perfect but that’s okay pushing pushing the envelope on this okay do the best again that’s it eight reps guys let’s do it last set of these halfway last one right here ah all right shake them out no more of those congratulations buddy feel that one in the middle of the night yes okay I feel it right now middle of the night okay so let’s go ahead and pick up you your band or your dumbbells there’s max which we only have one band easy way to make it harder is to double up the band yep okay so let’s hit that last set eight repetitions pull apart now I want you to pretend on this one if somebody has their finger in the middle of your back on your elbows apart you’re squeezing halfway there this one’s gonna work your rhomboids really all those relaxed line whoo there we go hit it boof felt oh so good nice job we have a burnout tri-set next we’re going to start with some key swings you’re going to bend over at a 45 degree angle holding dumbbells oh she’s going to extend and pull back keeping her arms straight on this one we’re going to do that one for 30 seconds then we’re going to move into some eye swings so our arms are going to come straight up and she’s actually going to have her palms facing one another there we go thumbs are up on this one and then lastly we’re going to do why keeping those thumbs up why swings or hands go off to the side so I want you to choose a real nice lightweight for this one this one is going to this one is much harder than it looks just put it that way okay so we’re doing a minute and a half straight starting with the bent over T so go ahead and bend over arms are straight back is straight and pull apart so we’ve already put in a lot of work today and this is just kind of a burner right yeah this is a nice burn out and you do that finisher this is about control is that correct yes definitely standard control on this one just stay consistent moving throughout keep your core nice and tight yes definitely focus on that you don’t want to be hunched over bring those arms out into they’re parallel to the ground whew starting to feel that burn I was talking about I’m only having I only have three pound dumbbells hit this one 4 3 2 1 now we’re going straight up overhead those thumbs up palms facing one another through the front trap raise or a I swing depending on who you talk to nice and under control feeling that burn now in the traps you feel it working light through it stronger than that burn nice work we’re hitting this one for five more seconds three two one right into the Y swings now so off to the side about 45 this little ventral raises really going to finish off those shoulders in that upper back this one is not that comfortable no it isn’t come on guys keep pushing push past your own expectations for yourself push past those limits what’s in it right here keep pushing only you can push yourself nobody else can do it for you let’s hit it for five four three two one and zero whoo nice one we’re going to finish your back off with some scapular push-ups we’re both going to get down to a low plank position I’m going to be up on my feet then Claudia is going to be down on her knees you’re going to lower your upper body while keeping your core straight squeeze the middle of your back and then extend and stretch up squeeze your back and your scapula together back and forth so we’re doing this for a total of sixty Seconds there’s not a lot of range of motion in this one and we are definitely going to get some ab work in on this one as well as well as the lower back not just all upper back squeeze back and forth between the two and if you start up on your feet and you need to drop to your knees feel free to do so 60 seconds in total or halfway done the last thing your back for the day fight through it do your best to keep going through the full range of motion and up and down squeezing your back together I’m really beginning to feel this is worth a summit that will make no mistake about it only 10 more seconds be fine almost there three and three two one zero [Music] we’re going to start off with a set of bent over spider curls we’re going to choose away it’s a little bit on the heavier side we’re bending over performing a nice concentrated curl we’re into four sets of eight repetitions on no time so go ahead and bend over feet are shoulder-width and we’ll run at 45 degree angle like those palms hang forward arms straight down now curl all the way up to your shoulders and slow and controlled on the way back down making sure to breathe throughout all about that control on this one palms stay up making sure to control that eccentric portion of the lift as well don’t just allow them to fly back down and if you chose a weight that doesn’t allow you to stay under control no big deal just lighten the load a little bit last one right here nice and control good okay go ahead and set those weights down we’ve got about a 15-second break and they’re getting right back into it so throughout the course of today’s workout we’re going to mixing up the weights as we go make sure that you’re choosing weights that challenge you but at the same time allow you to use proper form all right let’s pick up those weights for that next one next set of eight again keep that back straight core tight on this one all the way up all the way down those arms that upper arm try your best keep that upper arm straight up and down perpendicular to the ground and bring those palms all the way up to your shoulders getting a maximum contraction thank you sure to breathe few more stay under control nice and last one right there nice work all right go down two to go what to say also to listen my backside as well well yeah when you’re holding yourself and you’re using your lower body for foundation you’re gonna feel out there too it’s okay we’ll call that a little bit extra credit hey I like it I like extra credit nothing well there you go nothing wrong with that all right here we are third set let’s get into it guys those weights back up right into it concentrate and let’s begin nice full range of motion all the way up all the way down throughout the course of today’s workout we really want you to focus on what brought you here today to begin with what is it what motivates you what drives you why are you working out and that’s going to be the thing that gets you through this workout without that why last one here it gets harder to finish ah nice okay just one more of this first set of spider curls this one can also be performed with the EZ bar if you have a – – it – those arms lose already starting to feel a little pong nothing wrong with that you know why it’s why I didn’t go to too heavy when we got a look long workout ahead of you okay look at this last set of these spider curls anammox you use those legs help pick up the dumbbells alright let’s hit it last set again nice and under control full range of motion keep that back straight on this one nice really control that eccentric lowering phase no swing on this one just stay under control good you got it your mark almost there stay tough and last one here we go squeeze those biceps up at the top nice job next we’re going to do a killer superset we’re going to go back and forth between a wide grip curl and a reverse curl Plus wrist curl so we’re going to do a set of 12 a set of 10 and a set of 8 working up in weight as we go so starting with your lighter weight doing the wide grip curl so on this one really we’re just pretending like we’re holding on to a bargain with a wide grip on that curl so we’re doing 12 repetitions all the way up and all the way down keeping those wrists nice and straight full range of motion all the way up and all the way down again this is going to be your lightest weight of the three we’re going to go back and forth between these two moves and if you do have access to a barbell feel free to grab it and grab it with a wide grip keep good posture shoulders are back on this one core stays nice and tight got three more a little bend in those knees all the way up all the way down squeezing those biceps up at the top last one is right here and done good okay you can go ahead and set those down next move it into that reverse curl so it’s palms are facing down elbows are in get to the elbows or 90 degree angle and then curl with the wrist complete the curl and all the way back down again set at 12 so a little lighter on this one work up in weight as we go alright next step palms are down elbows are in so come up until those elbows hit a 90 pearl wrists complete the curl and then finish one of our goals and today’s workout is to hit both bicep heads as well as the forearms none of these muscles are getting left behind in this one again stand nice and under control we’re really hitting an isometric contraction once those elbows hit that 90-degree angle and just force it hold that position for a moment while we hit that risk her off again nice and under control not a race on this one today and this muscle building workout good feeling that burn start to kick in alright that’s how we know it’s working it’s just that lactic acid and Armalite muscle fuel that our muscles used he’s going to push past that burn last one I’m using a five pounder and and she’s feeling it Eva yeah this really burns all right so going to set that weight down we have our next set of ten repetitions so move up and wait any weight anywhere between 5 to 20 percent you choose what is right for you and again we’re moving back into those wide grip curls alright let’s get started here and three two one alright nice wide grip control that eccentric portion on the way down making sure to keep breathing good squeeze those biceps up at the top control that negative portion don’t just allow the dumbbells a lot back down halfway through good you got it one wrap into the next every rep getting just that much closer to your goal focus on it would you come here for today kill those biceps building my rep here it is nice and controlled last one squeeze and down I shake those arms loose it’s a quick break moving back into that reverse Plus wrist curl another set of ten adjust your weight accordingly let’s get it started here and five four three two one all right palms are down get that wrist curl in nice full range of motion you always tell your weaknesses are because it gets so much tougher even when you’re using the same weight and that’s alright because that means we’re working on it now to make sure we attack those weaknesses not avoid them not going to get me stronger by avoiding them that’s for sure on this one it’s very important to keep those wrists nice and straight we don’t want spaghetti wrist as you come up on this one good one rep into the next you got it making sure to breathe and control that negative lowering phase you have two more guys right through that burn guys right through it we’re burning to come on you got it we can feel it working ah nice last one here it is here it is get after it boom and finish strong good alright and that was terrible terrible and amazing at the same time how about take those arms loose we have just one last set in this super set going back to those wide grip curls this time just for eight repetitions so this time feel free to bump that weight up don’t be afraid to go heavy you want the want to build some muscle gotta use some real way true here we are okay last set eight on these wide grip curls let’s get it three two one nice and controlled good again pretending like you’re holding onto a barbell on this one so it’ll affect your grip right you’re going to keep those wrists nice and straight pretty much helps it focus on keeping those pinkies up and curled in and not like not allowing your grip to change yeah control the way down and the way up you got it one wrap into the next come on grind through it guys almost there and you have your last one coming up right here last one make it count nice and control and the way down whoo all right the only good feeling good come on guys get that energy all right yep just one more in this superset of the reverse curl plus wrist curl again it’s a set of eight going up and wait on this one maxing it out doing what you can use my power blocks for this one I love these power blocks are adjustable dumbbells allow you to get a lot of different weights in and a small amount of space there’s a link available in the video description if you want to check these out alright let’s get it last set of eight and it palms are down Oh curl and finish strong there it is one of the neck she doesn’t elbows in on this one wrists a nice tight and locked complete that wrist curl and everyone trying your best not to swing I know havoc here orange get tired halfway it definitely becomes more tempting to use momentum just grind through it finish however you got to finish it right here come on what did you come here for guys what is it what’s your goal what are you working on few more here is almost there homestretch on this super set last one ah here it is finish strong ah control the way down nice work good job continuing on to the next superset we’re going to be alternating between forearms biceps twists followed by a kneeling hammer curls so again we’re going to be doing sets of twelve ten and eight starting with our lightest weight for the first set of twelve and working our way out working our way up so we have those palms facing forward gloating curl up until those elbows get to a 90-degree angle curl those pinkies in all the way in curl them back out and then complete the curl control the way down so again up to a 90 pinkies curl in back out complete the curl all under control Reed this one is a great time under tension move when we’re talking muscle building techniques for the biceps all about that time under tension and this really accomplishes that making sure to breathe throughout stay focused concentrate on every little part of this move hit everyone again eliminating any momentum nice full range of motion twelve reps on this first one good you got it one into the next come on your machine you could do this all day long keep grinding them out right here guys you guys you have two more almost there full range of motion okay let’s hit that last one boom pinkies in back and up good okay so for the next one we’re doing that kneeling hammer curl so should be able to go probably a little bit heavier on this one and we’ll go onto our knees and the purpose of coming to our knees on this is it really eliminates the temptation to use momentum and to swing back on this one from the needs it’s a lot harder to cheat basically right so good posture on this one palms facing one another just bring those biceps I’m sorry those dumbbells up to your shoulders and control the way back down again twelve reps on this one nice and under control keep good posture not popping them up right but instead keeping it under control you got it one rep into the next feeling those biceps grow with every rep getting there come on getting closer to that goal with every rep everything you want is at the top of that staircase with every rep or climbing one stair up one at a time come on no elevator up to that goal no elevator my guys just got to put in the work right here last one last one control all right very good set those dumbbells down check out the arms next set set of 10 for each again moving back into those four arm bicep twists shake those arms out not much of a break here we are five seconds getting ready to go it’s show time alright palms are up right into it whoo these ones with the wrist twisting are not my friend today they work do it as one into the next all right working on our weaknesses today a little bit stronger threat by rep fighting through that burn remember you don’t have to listen to that burn that lactic acid kicks in it’s all about that mental toughness that was the halfway point just push and pass here it is push past that that burn you got it one into the next guy is almost there come on right through it good focus on what brought you here today to begin with two more whatever it may be come on almost there I’ll burn into last one right here last one finish strong oh nice work nice I like it alright I’m gonna move up and wait for these hammer curls on this next one you choose that wait that’s appropriate for you again don’t be afraid to go a little heavier on these hammer curls your hammer curl should be a little bit stronger of a movement than theirs let’s say the forearm twist or some of the other moves were doing today back down to the knees here we are for 10 reps you ready come on let’s go let’s go has set ribery yeah let’s start one two it’s ten reps one into the next control you got it that’s the name of the game today that’s it nice and controlled one wrap into the next still working here we are come on there it is halfway good form no swing right through that burn you got it come on getting stronger every rep what you got let’s see it right here nice almost there and last one finish strong alright just one more set of each of these again we have a last set of eight of the forearm coming tomorrow feel free grab what you need this one’s my last set of hammer curl whoo she’s going up heavy here we go all right there again these little rest periods are totally necessary if you’ve been doing some of our other workout so you use the faster pace sorry but you need these longer rest periods so that your butt muscles can recover from body building muscle building techniques that’s true okay that being said it is time to go though all right here we are curl up twist and finish the set at eight repetitions that said is and no more come on and it’s just that strong you got it again fighting past that burn learning to love that burn because when you feel that burn you know that it’s working halfway point that burn is the feeling of change change doesn’t happen without being challenged muscles are being challenged right now come on you have two more guys you can do it there were easy everybody be fit but they’re not last one right here come on whoo all right feeling good feeling good again I kind of push the weight a little bit here on my last set of hammers encourage you to do the same last set of eight repetition a couple deep breaths shake those arms out getting into position and again it’s eight reps starting at five four three two one zero let’s hit it right here didn’t say it would be easy but it will be worth it well in that work day after day just getting that much closer to your goals come on bones under control you got it squeeze a little more biceps up at the top almost there fights last one fight fight fight hah ah nice fighting there with you alright we’re finishing up with a burnout round we’re going to do zapman curls which is palms up on the way up and down on the way down I’m not going to count any reps we’re going to do 60 seconds we’re going to start off with the highest weight that you can perform four to five repetitions if you don’t have a heavy enough way for that that’s okay just use the highest weight that you have and as soon as you can’t complete any more set that weight to the side immediately pick up your next lowest way and keep grinding a mouth okay hold 65 the full 60 seconds so again not counting any rest just boom boom boom boom boom so we have our heaviest weight here ready to go we can perform and we’re going to burn it out with you we’re going to burn it out with you alright palms are up on the way up and then they’re down on the way down we got 30 set I’m sorry 60 seconds starting in 3 2 1 palms up at the top flip those wrists over and down again getting as many repetitions as you can in this 60 second time period just a complete burnout set doing it everything you got on this one 3 1 into the next when you can’t complete anymore go ahead and set that weight down and move on to your next lowest weight and keep moving good come on everything you got on this one 1 right into the next come on get as many reps in as you can so all mentalness burn out round come on keep it moving let’s go about halfway through guys just a focus on what brought you here today to begin with using the best form you can come on let’s go where yeah has bit Drive where yeah come on thousands maybe millions of us at home doing the same workout feel that same burn you are just give it everything you got no holding back come on let’s go one right in the neck almost there come on all right guys it about 10 more seconds last 10 seconds you got it go go go go go go go go come on finish strong finish strong oh let’s go for 5 4 3 2 1 0 and done high 5 nice work out there guys thank you so much for pushing yourselves with us today if you like this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while we’d encourage you please go check out our patreon page you can find out more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed this particular workout with us today we ask that you please give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you never miss another new workout from Hospit make sure to check out has fit calm we have hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs and if you are on Facebook snapchat Twitter Instagram find has bit because we want to connect with you thank you so much for working out with us today spent our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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