Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout
Get your dumbbells and let’s go! This butt and legs workout is sure to challenge your lower body. The only other equipment you’ll need is a step, box, or chair. You may also choose to use a resistance circle / loop band for added resistance.

Here’s the resistance band we use
and the Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells –

Butt and Legs Workout

Part 1: Legs
A1: Dumbbell Sumo Deadlift 3-0-3 Tempo 4×8
B1: 1 ΒΌ Dumbbell Front Squat x12 x10 x8
B2: Dumbbell Bulgarian Hip Hinge x12 x10 x8
C1: Dumbbell Hack Squats / Heels Elevated x12 x10 x8
C2: Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts / Toes Elevated x12 x10 x8
D1: Dumbbell Step Ups 3×8
D2: DB Side Lunge / Elevated Side Lunge 3×8
E1: Dumbbell Squats + Calf Raise Tabata x 4 rounds 20 sec work / 10 sec rest

Part 2: Butt Workout
Deep Reverse Lunge / Reverse Lunge x 10
Stiff Leg Deadlift x10
Feet Elevated Frog Pump / Frog Pump x 30
Single Leg Hip Thrust with Band / without Band x 10
Dumbbell Glute Bridge with Band / without Band x 30
Bottom Half Sumo DL with Band / without Band x 20 pulses
Fire Hydrant w/ Band / without Band x 15 each
Hip Hinge Abduction with Band / without Band x 10 (pause)

coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is\par a muscle building leg and glutes workout\par this workout uses multiple matza\par building techniques they require you to\par have at least two pairs of dumbbells\par you’ll need one heavier and one lighter\par pair so you can switch up the way as\par needed you’ll need either a bench or\par chair and a couple of weight plates or\par books so that you can elevate your heels\par you’ll also have the opportunity to use\par a mini circle band but it’s not required\par if you’re ready to get started let’s do\par this\par [Music]\par you\par [Music]\par you\par [Music]\par you\par [Music]\par [Music]\par we’re going to get started with some\par dumbbell sumo deadlifts we’re going to\par use a 3:03 tempo claudius feet are\par little wider than shoulder-width toes\par are pointed out she’s going to break at\par the hips put that weight back on HAMP’s\par she’s going to take three slow seconds\par on the way down and then take three slow\par seconds on the way up we’re going to do\par four sets of eight so choose your weight\par accordingly for this first one and if\par you have access to a barbell and you\par want to use a barbell you can also go\par ahead and do so\par so feet little wider than shoulder-width\par toes are pointed out again three slow\par controlled seconds on the way down\par getting started in three two one begin\par break at those hips nice and slow keep\par that back straight head stays in a\par neutral position now you don’t want to\par spend any time up atop or at the bottom\par you just want to go right from wrong one\par repetition into the next so zero time at\par the bottom zero time at the top really\par aiming to get a long time under tension\par on this one really emphasizing put that\par weight back in your hips on the way down\par should be coming forward onto your toes\par on this one keep your back nice and\par straight you have two more and just keep\par going slow I should have breathed that\par back straight you’re laughing right here\par and rest going use those legs to set the\par weight down it’s a pretty quick rest\par period only about fifteen seconds on\par this one if you need to adjust your\par weight do so but we’re trying to keep\par about the same weight for all four sets\par on this one so I’m really emphasizing\par that posterior chain hamstrings glutes\par lower back all along all right let’s get\par into that next set again feet just\par pointed out just a little bit on this\par one good posture and let’s begin again\par nice and slow and control and as we get\par more fatigued on this one it can be\par super tempting to pick up the pace but I\par don’t want you to do so\par again just nice and slow get that full\par one two three one two three\par excellent work to really be feeling this\par one in your hamstring halfway and in\par your glutes excellent drive off those\par heels on this one squeeze those glutes\par up at the top tax on job keep it up guys\par three you have one more option\par breathing in on the way down breathing\par out on the way up all right last one and\par rest okay go ahead and use those legs\par set the weights down that’s two down two\par to go\par yep this one’s going to kick in really\par fast really good again that time under\par tension really puts a good strain on the\par legs you feel the legs contracting\par throughout this whole even your core too\par right because you’re trying to hold\par everything yeah hold yourself up\par definitely working your lower back and\par your core to stabilize okay let’s go\par third set here we are again there’s\par those legs – pick up the dumbbells don’t\par use your back and let’s begin throughout\par the course of today’s workout can be so\par important that you focus on your why\par while you’re here trying to gain muscle\par lose fat get better at sports or just\par get better life whatever it is stay\par focused on it throughout today’s workout\par don’t lose sight of it whatever got you\par to start this workout today it’s going\par to be that same motivator it gets you to\par finish which is you across that finish\par line\par excellent work again really driving off\par those heels putting your weight back in\par your hips last one guys\par and last one excellent okay set the\par weights down\par three down one to go shake those legs\par out I know eight repetitions isn’t all\par that much but when you’re doing this\par 3:03 tempo it catches up to you when you\par have the appropriate weight right also\par true so if you’re not feeling this one\par it’s probably\par not probably it is because you’re not\par using enough weight you want to gain\par serious muscle you can’t be afraid to\par use real weight right male or female\par okay let’s go last one use those legs\par good posture shoulders are back and\par begin that back nice and straight\par good head stays in a neutral position\par and again I even know we’re getting a\par little fatigued don’t rush it especially\par on the way up nice and slow one two\par three one two three I know we have to\par stop ourselves from rushing it too good\par make sure to breathe don’t with your\par breath on this one nice and controlled\par you’ve got it try to get those thighs\par three more until they’re parallel to the\par ground don’t give a little half reps but\par nice full repetitions nice full range of\par motion\par you got it almost there\par breathe that last one right there one\par more one more sorry one more last one\par what would I do without Claudia all\par right excellent set those weights down\par nice way next up we have a pretty killer\par superset we’re going to go back and\par forth between a one and a quarter front\par squats you’re going to hold the\par dumbbells up in a rack position full\par throne squat all the way down and then\par do it extra quarter squat on the bottom\par and back up we’re going to alternate\par that with a dumbbell hip hinge get into\par that in a moment we’re going to do both\par of these exercises for a set of twelve\par ten and then eight working our way up in\par weights you’re going to start with your\par lighter weight there’s a three set and\par then every set getting a little bit\par heavier so pop those dumbbells up into\par rack position elbows are in feet\par shoulder width apart first thing it’s\par going to break is going to be your hips\par let’s go ahead and begin full squat once\par you get down to the bottom come up a\par quarter of the way drop back down and\par finish so that’s one repetition doing\par this one twelve times again this one can\par be controlled not quite as slow as the\par tempo is the last one but at the same\par time we’re not rushing through it\par I want you to focus on keeping those\par knees out and not allowing them to\par collapse in on this one\par drive off those heels kept weight back\par in your hip halfway through actually\par making sure to breathe and on all these\par strength movements we’re breathing in\par and then exhaling on the hardest part of\par the move so on this one you’d be\par exhaling as you stand up trying to time\par that breathing accordingly excellent\par work you mark that core nice and tight\par and engaged\par I have States – right here and done\par excellent okay we’re going to need your\par box so your step care whatever you’re\par going to use for the next one and our\par dumbbells we’re going to have one leg up\par on the bench or box palms are going to\par be facing you go and get a slight bend\par in that front leg now while keeping your\par back straight go ahead and bend over\par performing like an RDL and back up so\par those hips come back and then hips drive\par forward keeping that back straight\par trying your best to balance here we are\par for twelve repetitions and three two one\par begin drive those hips back feel that\par stretch in your hand strength keep in\par just a slight Bend and that lead leg\par back stays straight cores engaged\par you got it getting that head in a\par neutral position it’s in line with your\par spine very good you’re having trouble\par balancing on this one try to find a\par focal point for your eye it’ll help you\par keep balanced squeeze those gluts up at\par the top feel that hamstring stretch and\par then squeeze those gluts up at the top\par excellent job another great one for that\par posterior chain hamstrings gluts qumar\par lower back all getting hit on this one\par good good all right last one on this\par side and zero okay switching sides same\par move try your best to have it put that\par foot the same distance away you use on\par the first one just keeping everything\par even and begin nice stretch and again\par don’t feel the need to be perfect on\par this one it’s okay if you know kind of\par wobbly a little bit to get started I\par notice on these my first few reps are\par usually a little harder to stay balanced\par get a little bit better as you get into\par it excellent I keep those shoulders\par retracted you want to get a big reach\par and that’ll make it hunched over I’ll\par keep that back nice and straight play\par sit to six more nice excellent work guys\par keep breathing on this one don’t hold\par your breath good good do the hamstring\par stretch and then squeeze those gluts up\par at the top very good keep it up almost\par there\par two more and here we are last one right\par here\par squeeze those glutes good okay so we’re\par going into our second set of that one\par and a quarter dumbbell front squat up in\par the weight we have ten repetitions for\par the next one and this is why at the\par beginning I said you need at least one\par heavier one lighter pair but you can\par adjust your weight as you go so I can go\par any way up and weight anywhere from nine\par you know ten to twenty percent all right\par Peter shoulder-width apart\par ten repetitions dumbbells up in a rack\par position and let’s begin weight back in\par the hips one in a quarter you got it\par excellent work and again as well as legs\par start to burn and this workout really\par starts to kick in it can be just that\par much imple more important you to focus\par on what it is that motivates you what it\par is that brought you here today half way\par to begin with good good good\par you got it drive off those heels and\par nice and balanced don’t allow yourself\par to come onto your toes on this one one\par and the next you got it last one and\par zero very good good job okay so back\par into those Bulgarian hinges again choose\par a weight that’s appropriate for you get\par ten repetitions coming up on each leg\par choosing your weight accordingly hold\par Claudia is going up ooh I see you see\par girls can lift heavy weights through by\par much oh I see your I see crazy okay\par alright guys getting into position that\par back foot up and let’s begin here and\par three two one zero I’ll feel that\par stretch and that hamstring just a slight\par Bend and that front knee\par I want it hyper extend it and should\par keep a soft knee or a slight bend back\par stay straight\par excellent work I said this was great for\par that overall posterior chain every\par muscle in the legs is going to get hit\par today no muscles left behind three more\par almost there\par and breathe in on the way down and\par exhale on the way up\par good good good one good all right\par switching sides keep that pace up right\par down into it one leg rest the other\par works and begin nice again keep that\par slight bend in the knee don’t want to\par hyper extend that leg squeeze those\par glutes up at the top excellent work guys\par keep it up pushing yourself because\par nobody else can do it for you Brett by\par rep half lane just getting that much\par closer to your goals you got it right\par here guys almost there\par breathe\par qumar finish strong finish strong\par last one and zero okay we have one more\par set of each so going back to those\par dumbbell one-and-a-quarter front squat\par I’m going up and wait one more time here\par kind of stay where I’m at again you\par don’t have to go up every single time\par you choose what’s right for you all\par right here we are let’s get started in\par five four three two one zero\par last set is eight repetition good and\par strong on this superset guys pushing\par through that burn on those legs start to\par burn just got to remember that’s just\par elastic acid you’re stronger than that\par burn that’s just that muscle fuel and\par energy that your legs release\par creates that little nerve response but\par you don’t have to listen to it\par Gilmore you’re stronger than that burn\par come on excellent one last one right\par here nice okay let’s finish strong we\par have this last set a Bulgarian hit pin\par juice just eight each leg just eight\par each leg choose your weight accordingly\par as I mentioned I’m staying where I’m at\par let’s go ahead and get started in five\par four three two one and begin thanks Mike\par you want just enough time in between\par these sets we get a little bit of\par recovery but not where you’re getting a\par full recovery\par so the keys the muscle building come on\par guys keep it up a nice time under\par tension here squeeze those glutes up at\par the top every time think about how long\par how good you’re going to feel when this\par workouts all done last one and we’re\par switching boom all right been a strong\par opposite leg blast set of these three\par two one begin good you got it last eight\par of these and then you can check these\par off your list marking this complete good\par do it good going into the next half way\par every rep looks exactly the same your\par machine come on what do you got right\par here\par keep breathing go hold your breath last\par one\par very strong\par and zero nice job for the next superset\par we’re going to go back and forth between\par a dumbbell hack squat which is why we\par need either those plates or honestly you\par could just use some books of equal\par height to elevate your heels so this one\par claudia has her heels elevated on the\par plate she’s going now she’s going to do\par a squat while holding the dumbbells back\par behind her keep in an upright posture\par we’re going to alternate this one with a\par toe elevated dumbbell stiff leg deadlift\par we’re going to use that same technique\par where do a set of 12 set of 10 and a set\par of 8 working our way up and wait you go\par ahead and choose that weight that is\par appropriate for you so this dumbbell\par hack squad is going to put extra\par emphasis on our quads so those heels are\par elevated anywhere between one to three\par inches you’ve been good posture that\par weight back behind you hips break first\par and let’s begin head chest up full range\par of motion on this one not allowing those\par knees to collapse and we’re trying your\par best to keep an upright posture on this\par one which we know can be difficult it\par can be tempting to really bend over on\par this one but instead we really want you\par to focus on keeping that good upright\par posture excellent work again breathing\par in on the way down and breathe out on\par the way up good 12 repetitions in total\par almost there we have two more last two\par and last one here we are excellent okay\par now transitioning right into that total\par elevated stiff leg dead the deadlift now\par this one’s going to put extra emphasis\par on your posterior chain so toes are\par elevated slight bend in those knees\par going to drive those hips back to our\par back straight on this one and you’re\par going to feel a major stretch in your\par back side on this one make sure to keep\par a slight bend in those knees you want to\par have those knees locked out on this one\par drive those hips back behind you\par get that back straight head stays in a\par neutral position I want you to squeeze\par those glutes up at the top halfway guys\par that’s it six down six To Go\par here we are getting closer to that goal\par with every repetition nice work there’s\par no elevator to success no elevator to\par achieve that goal you learn learn gotta\par take the stairs step by step getting\par closer\par last one right here here we are last one\par boom okay go ahead and change up that\par weight accordingly we had a set of 10\par repetitions of those dumbbell hack\par squats coming up next I’m going to keep\par my weight the same just because I’m\par still getting familiar with the hack\par squat movement so I’m not going to push\par myself too much on the weight on this\par one and we totally encourage you to do\par just that and to make this work out your\par own adjust it for your own individual\par fitness needs all right here we are\par heels are elevated weights behind us 10\par repetitions in three two one begin\par excellent keep those knees out you got a\par good posture on this one hold those\par dumbbells behind you and you could also\par swap this one out let’s swap your\par dumbbells out for a barbell on this one\par if you have access to one I want a\par little more of a challenge feel free to\par do so\par halfway ten repetitions in total on this\par set go on into the next you guys got it\par keep it going keep it moving here we are\par almost there two more finish strong\par last one and 0 ok good change your\par weight if you need to and we’re moving\par into those toe elevated stiff leg\par deadlift I said one is really hitting\par the anterior muscles the quadriceps and\par this one’s really hitting the posterior\par muscles all right 10 Rob’s in three two\par one begin full range of motion this\par one’s not only great to improve your\par strength and to build muscle but also to\par improve your flexibility and mobility as\par well so I’ll call that a little extra\par crap\par anytime we can accomplish multiple\par things with one movement I’m a fan good\par drive those hips back and then drive\par them forward so all in those hips it’s\par back hips forward on every repetition\par you got it guys\par two more and here we go last one finish\par strong and zero good stuff okay so I’m\par going off one more time last set of\par eight repetitions of each and you’ll see\par throughout this workout I’ve been using\par my adjustable power block dumbbells that\par makes it pretty convenient so you don’t\par have a million dumbbells you have to\par sort through if you’re interested in\par them we do have the link available in\par the video description here we are eight\par repetitions in three two one begin last\par set of these then you can cross them off\par your list nice put that weight back in\par your hips\par even though really putting extra tension\par on the quads we still want to emphasize\par sitting back on every rep like you’re\par sitting down in a chair backs on my head\par chest up very good one into the neck\par come on come on stay strong guys almost\par there\par and last one zero alright here we are\par last set of eight repetitions we both\par can keep the same way if you need to\par change it up go up or go down feel free\par to do so let’s get those toes elevated\par last set of eight repetitions in three\par two one\par here it is finish strong guys feel that\par stretch on every rep you got it remember\par if this were easy everybody be fit\par everybody be lean and muscular but\par they’re not that’s what makes it so\par special that’s what makes you so special\par for showing up today just keep showing\par up you’ll keep getting that much closer\par to your goal few more here we are\par and last one finished strong zero nice\par job for this next superset we’re going\par to go back and forth between a dumbbell\par step-up and a dumbbell side lunge we’re\par going to do three sets of eight\par repetitions of each one so we’re not\par working up and weight like we did before\par but instead keeping the same weight now\par difficulty on this first one is going to\par be determined not only about how much\par weight you’re using but also how high\par this box is so the higher your box your\par staff chair whatever it is you have\par access it to is going to determine that\par difficulty we want this lead leg to do\par the work so we don’t want to get a lot\par of push off from this back leg doing all\par one leg at a time eight repetitions good\par posture and let’s get into it\par again trying your best to control the\par way up and the way down and we don’t\par want to get a lot of push off from that\par leg and foot that’s on the ground be a\par lot easier if we basically jumped up\par every time but instead we want to stay\par nice and under control driving off that\par front leg that’s on the box two more\par guys keeping good posture on this one\par good balance two last one right here\par excellent all right let’s go ahead and\par switch legs and as those legs get\par fatigued and begin it’s going to become\par just that much more difficult to stay\par under control and stay balanced but just\par stay focused on it find a focal point\par for your eyes something to look at and\par it will really help you keep your\par balance excellent good posture shoulders\par are back making sure to breathe queue\par more here we are last two and finished\par strong alright good and you set those\par dumbbells down go ahead and move your\par step or chair whatever using to the side\par moving into a dumbbell side to lunge so\par you decide which weight can be right for\par you on this one we’re going to take a\par big step to the right all one side at a\par time one dumbo outside of the lake one\par dumbbell is in between good posture back\par up doing eight on each side\par let’s get it go on in 3 2 1 begin\par putting that weight back in your hips\par every repetition back stays nice and\par straight good if you need to drop the\par weight on this one and just use your\par body weight you feel free to do so again\par we just encourage you to make this\par routine your own good folding motion\par good posture last one\par good good okay switching sides now head\par of the opposite direction two three two\par one beginning nice big long step feel\par that stretch and that inside leg of the\par great unilateral exercise doing these\par unilateral exercises making one leg work\par at a time is a great way to prevent\par imbalances or even out any imbalances\par good good almost there and you have one\par last one right here and zero okay again\par we’re keeping the same weight on this\par one so we don’t have to go up moving\par into that step up but if you need to\par adjust your weight again feel free to do\par so getting started and five four three\par two one\par begin again stay nice and under control\par the best you can you’ll see we’re not\par perfect on this one just about doing the\par best you can coming back getting a\par little bit better every single time\par you’ve got it and again we’re really\par focusing on that lead leg try not to get\par a big push off last one from that back\par leg alright switch sides right into it\par three two one pique sorry but luckily\par that’s all right she was excited\par she’s must be liking it fearless one\par working hope you guys are too\par let’s remember every rep getting that\par much closer to your goals stay focused\par on it good almost there don’t hold your\par breath keep breathing and last one right\par here\par perfect all right all right set that\par posture chair off to the side back into\par those side lunges so we have again three\par sets of each of these all right second\par set of side lunges getting ready here we\par are in three two one big step reach and\par back up okay good posture shoulders are\par back that’s ones working everything from\par your quads your hamstrings glutes a\par little lower back and abdominals as well\par all getting hit on this one little\par adductor and adductor action – there’s\par no muscles getting left behind plain ah\par nice alright switching sides guys you\par got it come on keep fighting keep\par fighting three two one zero\par fight through that burn remember you’re\par stronger then that burn keep pushing\par let’s go push past that pain I want you\par to impress yourself today exceeding your\par own expectations one into the neck you\par more here we our last one ah perfect\par two down one to go with each one of\par these finish this superset strong\par getting set up starting set that’s it\par that’s it let’s go\par you should excite you I’m excited\par alright and five four three two one\par begin I really want you to focus on\par controlling that descent as well not\par enough to just get up there and then\par flop back down right instead you have\par control the way up and the way down\par definitely makes it harder\par that’s alright also three more make sure\par it works what’s the point in doing it if\par you’re not going to get the results here\par we are\par last one right here and is zero okay so\par it’s not legs last eight of these step\par ups we can cross them off our list and\par two one zero finish strong guys here it\par is focusing on that goal what is it what\par are we working towards getting just that\par much closer every step you got it keep\par breathing\par don’t hold your breath two more that’s\par it finish strong\par here’s our last one and zero clear work\par on those okay check those off the list\par let’s go has the tribe we’re yet ten\par strong on these come on keep that energy\par up last set of these side lunges let’s\par get it right here get after and three\par two one begin that’s it last sets of\par these pushing through these are probably\par one of our least favorite slash favorite\par they definitely work we’re right there\par with you burning with you hurting with\par you three more on this side you’re not\par alone guys not alone let’s go boom\par finish strong last one and zero come on\par last side of these opposite direction in\par three two one begin good remember\par there’s thousands maybe millions of us\par doing the same workout at home doing\par that same burn same sensation you are\par we’re all fighting together halfway come\par on don’t give up keep moving almost\par there last sedative good posture good\par keep breathing one more and zero\par excellent work all right we got good\par news and we got bad news which one do\par you want first\par good news the good news is this is the\par last leg exercise for the day\par the bad news however is we’re going to\par do a dumbbell style Tabata squat with a\par calf raise so we’re going to do four\par sets of 20 seconds of all-out work\par followed by ten seconds of rest so we’re\par just going to burn out those legs\par holding your dumbbells at your side feet\par of shoulders apart full squat and then\par come up onto the balls of the feet\par getting as many in as you can in 20\par second time periods you are not right\par for these burnout round no that’s true I\par never said it’d be easy but I said it’d\par be worth it let’s go come on guys feet\par are shoulder-width apart let’s get this\par first 20 second set going in three two\par one begin\par you can’t just giving as many reps in as\par you can this one is just all about speed\par now I don’t want you to necessarily jump\par but you should feel like you’re almost\par getting ready to catch some air as you\par come up onto those balls of the feet we\par have three two one break okay this ten\par second break is going to go by fast so\par don’t go far we’re going to burn those\par legs out again in two one go alright hit\par it guys come on this point of the\par workout it’s all about that mental\par toughness pushing yourself cuz nobody\par else is gonna do it for you what do you\par got right here put it all out on the\par line almost there breathe in three two\par one\par and break all right two down two to go\par goodness my legs are on fire on shoes\par are two all about that mental toughness\par let’s go going again in now and begin\par yes mark let’s go I told you that ten\par seconds will fly by come on guys go go\par go go don’t stop don’t give up don’t hit\par that pause button\par just keep moving keep working so close\par to the end come on finish strong finish\par strong almost there and two one and\par break all right one last one that way\par you’re so close you’re so close that\par sprint to that finish line together guys\par let’s go right here and begin here it is\par last 20 seconds it’s gonna fly by\par focused on those goals what is it that\par brought you here\par today to begin with getting just that\par much closer come on keep moving keep\par moving you’re a fighter not a quitter\par five seconds and three two one zero\par aah my legs my legs burn ohh oh my\par goodness they’re on fire excellent work\par out there way to push through we’re\par gonna start with some reverse lunges\par we’re going to do one leg at a time and\par repetition I’m gonna do a traditional\par reverse lunge we’re not doing the deep\par river floods so we’re stepping back you\par can tell Claudia to step back further\par I’m just going to drop that back deke -\par it gets to a 90 or claudia is going to\par drop that leg all the way back we’re\par doing 10 repetitions on each leg and you\par can decide if it’s better for you to\par have your hands on your hips or out in\par front of you for a little balance make\par sure to keep that core nice and tight\par and if you having trouble balancing find\par a focal point for your eyes and it will\par help you keep that balance and we have a\par last one right here guys excellent okay\par switching sides now opposite side and\par three two one step back with that\par opposite leg again you decide which one\par is right for you if you’re doing that\par deep lunge make sure you’re keeping your\par back nice and straight\par sitting back that weight in your hips\par and emphasizing those glutes whichever\par one you’re doing make sure to sit back\par and squeeze those glutes up at the top\par as you extend and stand up excellent\par almost there\par two more guys last two fucking through\par it here we go we’re all done okay for\par the next one we are going to need those\par dumbbells we’re going to do a stiff leg\par deadlift so you need just two dumbbells\par for the next one we’re going to do 10\par repetitions feet are shoulder-width\par apart slight bend in those knees we’re\par gonna keep our back nice and straight\par we’re going to use our hips as a hinge\par keep those hips back behind you back\par stay straight your head in a neutral\par position stretch as far down as you can\par and then bring those hips forward\par ten reps let’s hit back stays nice and\par straight just a slight bend in those\par knees so we’re not going to turn this\par one into a squat but instead really\par drive those hips back as you come down\par and if you don’t quite have the\par flexibility you have to come all the way\par down that’s okay\par it ends up being mid chin every time you\par come back complete this workout you will\par get a little bit better and again we\par want to emphasize those glutes on this\par one so stretch those glutes back and at\par the top right now boom squeeze those\par glutes at the top every time we have two\par more making sure to breathe stretch and\par squeeze one more stretch and squeeze\par excellent okay so we can set those\par weights down\par next we’re going to do a frog pump\par Claudia is going to do it from an\par elevated position grabbing her bench but\par again you could also grab the chair and\par on this one I’m going to go ahead and\par lie back with our legs open we’re going\par to bring our heels and feet together\par alright next we’re going to go and take\par your chin tuck it almost like you’re\par getting ready to start a crunch now\par let’s press off of those heels\par bringing your gluts up off the ground\par and squeeze those gluts up at the top\par full range of motion all the way up all\par the way down it also like you to\par emphasize keeping your upper upper back\par and your ribs still on the ground do not\par arch they’re all just in those gluts\par coming straight up and straight down\par we’re doing this one for 30 repetitions\par in total one wrap into the next and then\par nice and controlled both the way up and\par the way down you don’t want to just flop\par your hips back down on the ground\par pressin up and again emphasizing those\par glutes if you’re the type of person that\par glutes have a hard time firing with me\par it really takes a lot of mental effort\par when performing these exercises not to\par allow any other body parts to take over\par and this one we don’t want our lower\par back to take over really when you focus\par just on those glutes excellent full\par range of motion all the way up all the\par way down excellent\par guys we have ten more all right last 10\par keep it up guys you’re doing great\par one into the next nice focus on what\par brought you here today to begin with\par what’s your goal every repetition we’re\par just that much closer to it you got it\par on once there five more last five let’s\par hit it and four three two almost there\par one and let’s hit that last one zero\par excellent alright so next we’re going to\par move into a single leg hip thruster so\par we’re both going to use this bench for\par the next one Claudia’s going to use use\par her resistance band and I’m going to put\par the resistance band right above my knee\par here it’s just placing it just above her\par knee we’re both going to place our upper\par backs on the edge of the bench but again\par you could use a chair for this one and\par again similar starting position on this\par one make sure you have your heels nice\par and underneath your feet underneath you\par and then we’re going to go ahead and\par curl your chin tuck your chin in all\par right so now on one leg drive off that\par heel and kick up full range of motion\par hips drop down and then driving off that\par heel you’re doing ten repetitions in\par total I’m sorry ten per leg I should say\par another good cue on this one is to try\par to pick your toes up so it’s all heal\par and it’ll help you to emphasize those\par glutes on this one\par all the way up all the way down you got\par it guys we have two more last two on\par this leg one more perfect you really\par feeling on the stationary leg that’s\par pushing yes\par all right switching sides right into it\par drop those hips and then drive off that\par heel and again focusing on those booth\par making sure it’s the glutes that are\par firing shouldn’t be your lower back\par that’s catching on fire drive off that\par heel and again it really helps on this\par one if you take those toes up helps help\par you focus on those glutes nice one into\par the next you got it two more guys last\par to stay strong fight through that burn\par all right last one\par excellent work nice job all right come\par on up next we’re gonna need your\par dumbbell quad he’s gonna go ahead and\par keep her my bands on my legs here\par graduate and we’re going to move to the\par ground we’re going to do a dumbbell\par bridge from the ground\par so let’s come on come down to the ground\par so we’re going to do a hip up driving\par off the heels again bring those toes up\par we’re going to place the weight right on\par our pelvis right over where we’re going\par to lift up drive off those heels all the\par way up all the way down Claudia’s\par keeping that band over her knees or\par doing a total of how many ropes we do 20\par 20 repetitions thank you ma’am what\par would I do without Claudia here one wrap\par into the next and we’re just\par concentrating again I’m contracting\par those glutes up at the top every time\par bring those toes up off the ground\par again we don’t want your quads taking\par over on this one that’s a problem when\par people try to do a bunch of squats to\par work their glutes\par unfortunately squats also work your\par thighs in your quads this is all glutes\par are here you got it one in the next and\par you can adjust\par the resistance on this one if you need a\par little bit more feel free to pull down\par on that dumbbell or if you need lighter\par you can just go ahead and remove the\par dumbbell altogether also a total\par possibility so easier variation two more\par guys same move just without the dumbbell\par and last one right here alright we’re\par going to come up onto our feet for the\par next one\par I’m going to use two dumbbells and I’m\par just going to hang on to one heavier\par dumbbell because I’m going to leave my\par bands on for this one we’re going to do\par a bottom half sumo deadlift pulse so\par feet little wider and shoulder-width\par going to point out on those toes both of\par us going to have the dumbbells hanging\par in front you see we’re using a little\par different grip on it first move is going\par to be to break at your hips put your\par hips back then bend at your knees coming\par down we’re going to stay in this bottom\par half for 20 repetitions we’re just going\par to burn it out down here your feet\par should be flat weights in your heels\par keep those knees out don’t allow them to\par collapse inwards lay back is straight\par and breathe that booty working here we\par go we feel it I have more keep it going\par to that back straight you got it one\par into the next last one excellent okay\par whoo come on I cannot next one you’re\par going to set your weights down we’re\par going to get into it all four position\par Claudia’s keeping her band guys I’m\par going to use my mat for this one just\par first just for comfort purposes totally\par because my knees next we’re going to\par move into a fire hydrant so we’re going\par to work our medial glue on this one to\par the side knees are bent we’re going to\par bring that leg out to the side and\par return back down and again cloudy’s\par performing the same move but she’s just\par using the band we’re doing this one for\par 15 repetitions full range of motion\par again squeeze that glute up at the top\par trying your best to keep your shoulders\par square on this one we really want to\par emphasize that glue we’re not trying to\par roll or roll your upper back good again\par every time contract that glute at the\par top we have one more guys\par last one nice okay switch inside\par opposite leg now right into it and begin\par again full range of motion core stays\par tight emphasize using that glute and\par only that glute I can do that burn\par glutes are starting to catch on fire\par just remember you don’t have to listen\par to that little lactic acid burn they’re\par stronger than that burn alone getting\par closer keep it up and one more last one\par nice all right very good let’s go ahead\par and come up onto our feet to the next\par one\par we’re going to do a hip hinge abduction\par closing again going to keep her band so\par this one let’s go and get those feet\par shoulder width apart first move we’re\par going to do is we’re going to bring\par those knees allow them to collapse in\par and then we’re going to take them out\par and we’re going to roll on the outside\par of our feet we’re going to squeeze right\par here in our glutes and we’re going to\par hold it one two three now come back in I\par want you to lower your body so that\par you’re in about a half squat positions\par we’re not standing straight up on this\par one two three come back in again so out\par one two three back in so that’s three\par reps we’re doing 10 out one two three\par good again you’re sitting back not\par standing straight up this is a killer\par one with or without the band especially\par with the band as I’m sure oh yeah\par they’re gonna test you if you don’t have\par any bands they’re actually pretty\par affordable if you want to use the ones\par that we’re using there is a link\par available in the video description where\par you can buy the ones that we like\par otherwise just go ahead and keep working\par out with me over here two more so close\par come on don’t give up now squeeze back\par in hurry last one squeeze squeeze\par squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze\par squeeze squeeze and uh whoo excellent\par nice that’s it\par you made it way to push it we made it we\par did make it thank you so much for\par working out with us today if you enjoyed\par this workout you’re starting to see some\par results we’d encourage you to please go\par check out our patreon page we can find\par out more about how you can support our\par mission of keeping these great workouts\par free if you enjoyed this workout with\par routine with us today\par give this video a big thumbs up and\par please subscribe to our YouTube channel\par so that you were always on the know when\par we have new workouts coming out make\par sure to visit has vidcom for hundreds of\par free workouts free meal plans and our\par free complete fitness program and if you\par are on Facebook Twitter Instagram\par snapchat come find us we want to connect\par with you again thank you so much for\par working out with us today spent our\par privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m\par Claudia and we will see you at your next\par workout\par


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