Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Learn to love that burn! This 30 minute leg workout with dumbbells is great for both men and women to build strength and lean muscle mass. You’ll also have the option to use a kettlebell for one of the movements, but it isn’t required.

Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells –

Warm Up
Posterior Swing
Overhead Squat + Calf Raise
Faux Jump Rope / Run in Place

Leg Workout with Dumbbells

A1: Deep Reverse Lunge 3×16
A2: Kettlebell Swings / Dumbbell Swings 3×12
B1: Goblet Drop Squat / No Dumbbell 3×12
B2: Kickstand Deadlift 3×8 each leg
B3: Iso Squat with Side Taps / ΒΌ Squat 3×30 seconds
C1: One Leg Bridge / No Dumbbell 2×20 each leg
C2: Frog Pump / No Dumbbell 2×20
C3: Calf Jumps / Calf Raises 2×20

Cool Down
Seated Hamstring
Seated Lower Back
Seated Calf
Sprinter Quad Stretch

what’s up has fit tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a leg a glutes workout the only equipment required for today’s routine is a pair of dumbbells and the weight that you choose will be completely dependent on your fitness level you will also have the opportunity to use a kettlebell during one of the movements today but that is not required follow me for the standard moves and follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to burn those legs out then let’s do it [Music] you [Music] let’s start by warming up our posterior chain we’re gonna get our feet a little bit wider than shoulder-width point those toes out just a little bit now let’s get a small slight bend in your knees hands together drive those hips back and then drive those hips forward swing those arms up and then down through your legs this one is really all about your hips your arms are just along for the ride and notice how we’re starting with a slight bend in our knees and then we’re keeping that bend throughout the move driving those hips back hips back hips forward squeeze those glutes at the top now we’re not gonna count any repetitions in our warm-up today so we’re just moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with and the point of this warm-up is to get your heart rate up a little bit and increase your overall body temperature loosen up these legs make sure to breathe keep your back straight on this one and again we’re just moving at a warm-up pace getting those hamstrings glutes lower back all loosened up ready for this workout let’s do this one for the last ten seconds here breathing in breathing out four five four three two one zero all right for the next one we’re gonna give a little different variation between the two I’m gonna do an overhead squat plus calf raise and I’m actually gonna do a prisoner squat plus calf raise so prisoner squat is just interlacing my fingers right behind my head here feet are shoulder width apart let’s put our weight back on our hips first and then squat down notice I’m keeping my arms up and in line with my body this one requires definitely some more mobility to achieve it correctly and properly you decide which variation is right for you again we’re just moving at a warmup pace here loosening those legs up every time we squat we break it the hips first hips go back and then bend at the knees keeping the feet flat head in line with our spine for a five four three two one and zero all right let’s get those heart rate up a little bit on this next one I’m gonna do a faux jumper up st. light and on the balls of my feet and I’m actually just gonna do a run in place so she’s doing right left and I’m doing both right left at the same time either way nice soft and light touches on the ground you decide which of these variations is right for you again going on a warm up pace we’re not trying to get too intense yep right now and save some of that for the workout oh yeah it’ll be plenty of time for that work coming up a nice big deep breath and use this warm-up as an opportunity to remind yourself what brought you here today to begin with whatever it is that motivate you it’s gonna be the key to get you through to the end of this workout when those legs are catching on fire and burning all right let’s do this one four five four three two one zero hi I’m warm I’m ready I feel ready to go it’s hot in here today I’m already sweating light shined on it okay we have a superset coming up at you we’re gonna go back and forth between a deep reverse lunge and then either a kettlebell swing or a dumbbell swing we’re gonna do three sets of each we’re gonna need dumbbells for that first deep reverse lunge two dumbbells yep and we’re gonna do three sets of 16 repetitions so eight on each leg start with your feet shoulder-width apart I’m gonna take a big deep step back and then drop that back knee come on back up and that counts as one that counts as one again good posture shoulders are back making sure to breathe in on the way down out on the way up now the point of the big deeps step and stretch is this one really engages your hamstrings and glutes more than a traditional reverse lunge again taking a big ole step back but maintaining a flat and straight back that’s halfway point good not a race on this one staying nice and under control you gotta keep them balanced if you want to make this one easier you can drop the weight altogether or just lighten it or if you need to make it harder you can increase your weight maintaining good posture and last one right here guys excellent nice work alright let’s go ahead and set those dumbbells to the side I’m gonna use one kettlebell for this next one and I’m going to use one dumbbell you decide what’s appropriate for you we’re gonna move into an either a kettlebell or dumbbell posterior swing very similar movement to the one that we started with driving those hips back and then for feet her little wider than shoulder width apart toes are pointed out I’m grabbing my kettlebell with two hands and I’m grabbing mine with two hands and just interlocking my fingers and our first move is going to be to drive those hips backwards as we hike that weight between our legs now hips forward squeeze those glutes up at the top alright let’s go ahead and get started twelve repetitions and three two one let’s hit it right back and then weight forward and this one is really all about those legs not about your upper body hips should be used as a hinge halfway point backwards and forwards keep a slight bend in your knees throughout squeeze those glutes up at the top two more almost there come on last one ah acts nice work okay so that’s one set of each and set that way down and moving on to that deep dumbbell reverse lunge grabbing both your weights we got sixteen eight on each leg going back and forth here all right beginning in three two one let’s go big deep step back good posture that’s it control the way down and the way up not a race on this one it would definitely be easier if you were to turn it into a faster movement but we want to get that time under tension just so important in these strength and muscle building workouts make sure those muscles are working we’re not just using momentum halfway point right here this one’s working your hamstrings glutes quads even your grip and just holding the dumbbells good big deep step back every time there we go no that’s stretch as you step back really hitting those hamstrings and glutes excellent almost done big deep breaths you have two more breathing in on the way down breathe out on the way up that’s one you got it and zero huh okay set those down time for some posterior swings adjust your weight if you need to but we have another 12 repetitions coming at you again starting those feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart good posture two hands on that way hips back hips forward here we’re going three two one begin really feel that stretch and your back side on every rep it’s like you’re trying to touch your glutes to the wall behind you keep your back straight head in line with your spine squeeze those glutes two more good that’s one haha whew those burn so good okay you sure do two down one to go let’s get it going right here deep reverse lunge keep that energy up stay focus has to try let’s do it and three two one begin seven back big step and back up excellent last 16 of these eight on each leg every repetitions just getting you that much closer to your goal again think about what it is that brought you here today trying to build strength build muscle lose weight or just get better at life kicking butt you’re I play Haylee activities whatever it is stay focused on it right here we’re fighting with you fighting together almost there say under control big deep steps every time three more come on that’s three right here flying through that burn right through it right here come on last one and zero actually all right let’s set this dumbbells down whether you’re using a kettle blower dumbbell the last set of the posture your swings right here for 12 repetitions feet a little wider than shoulder width all posterior chain here we go and three two one let’s get it hips back hips forward squeeze those glutes every time and again it’s all about your legs your arms are just along for the ride boom every time yeah don’t turn it into a squat make sure your hinging check those hips boom last one squeeze excellent yeah nice work all right next up we have a try set so that’s three exercises in the next circuit first we’re gonna do is going to be a goblet lateral drop squat or just a lateral drop squat right side I’m not gonna be using any weight for this one but I’m still one of Claudia’s dumbbell so I’m holding this dumbbell up top in a goblet position start with our feet together now we’re gonna jump out swing our toes out drop our weight back in our hips and pop back up you decide that holding the dumbbell or not is appropriate for you well we have 12 repetitions coming at you here and three two one dropping out fear little wider than shoulder width apart toes are pointed out absorb that weight and energy in your hips hamstrings and your glutes and then pop back up keep your back straight halfway core tight and make sure to breathe on this one we’re breathing in on the way down exhaling as you explode up two more guys almost there almost there last one make it count boom alright we need just one dumbbell for the next one we’re gonna move into a kicks and deadlift so I’m gonna go a little heavier on this one we have eight repetitions on each side those going start with that dumbbell in your left hand keep your right arm out to the side we’re going to step back with your left foot about one foot length back I’ll go on this one is gonna be to be get about 85% of your weight on this lead leg kick those hips back as you bend at the knee keeping your back straight and come up one leg deadlift so equal parts bend at the knee and hinging at the hips here we are eight each leg in three two one begin head stays in line with your spine and again that back leg is really just to help you stabilize what you should be lifting the majority of the weight with that lead leg again bending the hips and bending the knee at the same time three more good posture one right into the next right here I’ll switch it up after this last rep good okay oh that’s a good one opposite side now really isolating one leg at a time got one foot back about one foot length back and begin again bending it both the knee and hinging at the hips at the same time is the harder one to stay balanced on so just really focus on both ends of the movement both the lowering phase and that lifting phase [Music] here we go last two and here it is finished strong good okay we’re gonna need two dumbbells for the next one we’re gonna do a ISO squat plus side tap so let’s bring those dumbbells up into rack position and I’m gonna do a complete ISO squat where I bring my hips down to parallel to the ground and I am at a quarter squat now we’re stepping side to side while maintaining this position for 30 seconds yes that’s as brutal as it sounds gonna be broke here we go Dumbo’s are up getting into position and begin side to side taps cannot wait in your hips you decide how far you want to sit down what’s appropriate for you and your fitness level how many can you get a 30 second time yeah what do you got making sure to breathe and keep moving you only have ten more seconds whew learn learn so good fight through everybody fighting through three two one and break hah okay take a big deep breath and we’re shaking out we’re going to the we’re moving back to the start of this tricep yes so we have those lateral drop squats I’m holding my dumbbell and I’m going weightless all right then I’m grabbing up here on the top of the dumbbell feet stay together to start dropping the toes out dropping the hips back and three two one be game twelve repetitions all that weight back in your hips on every rep that explosively pop up good again breathing in on the way down and out on the way up almost there fighting through that burn three more come on let’s go let’s go last one right here make it count accident nice work okay moving into that one leg kickstand deadly that’s the word I was looking for okay you got it I got it feet are sold at the park Dumbo on that left leg kick that left leg back and now using that lead leg break at the hips and bend the knee let’s begin eight repetitions keep that head in line with your spine and really emphasize making that lead leg do the majority of the work gonna Bend about the hip and the knee good shoulders stay square two more guys almost there last one right here good we’ll switch it up come on let’s go has been dry sweaty mess today whoo I like it I know it’s working here we are and begin eight on this leg right here come on stay in top remembering what brought you here today what is it stay focused on it halfway point a little bit stronger every repetition pushing yourself because nobody else would do it for you come on last one guys make it count zero Oh whoo love it now remember we need both dumbbells for this next one yep the ISO squat plus side taps yeah that one came around quick it does this ones BrewDog pop them up let’s go 30 seconds get into position and begin and if you start with one move and you need to move on to the next feel free to do so you need to come up a little bit just keep pushing it come on don’t quit when you get tired don’t quit when you feel like it but stop when it’s done finishing right to the end ten seconds guys come on home fight through it fight through that burn you’re stronger than seconds let’s go let’s go two one break whoo-whee fell every one of those okay two down one to go in this trice a little we’re born and right there with you tribe we’re with you you’re not alone no I got one dumbbell for this drop squat twelve repetitions and begin in three two one zero really emphasized dropping it back in your hips on every repetition this one’s nailing your hamstrings glutes quadriceps and calves halfway point guys I’ll get in hit a little extra credit working your shoulders if you’re holding that dumbbell come on fight through everybody last one last one right here zero all right no more of the lean check them off your list moving into that shake my hand deadlift just one dumbbell needed holding that Dumbo on your left hand for this one feet shoulder-width apart one arm out one leg back let’s get into it we got eight reps begin again bending your boat that knee and hinging back to hip at the same time the head in line with your spine control the way down and the way up good two more almost there finish strong on this one everybody zero all right ouch last a switch in legs let’s get this one done here we are three two one begin finishing strong gets to this point of the workout your legs are aching everything’s burning you’re hurting it’s time for you to remember what brought you here today to begin with what is it what’s your goal what are you working towards three more and what’s it gonna take for you to achieve it keep it at the front of your mind right here last one guys think about it zero nice job excellent shake them loose okay let’s grab that second dumbbell for the next one the ISO squat plus side test one it’s gonna burn so good pop those dumbbells up get into position and let’s go thirty Seconds what do you got right here so mental at this point not even physical anymore come on you versus you all in your head on this one gotta prove it to yourself exceed your own expectations come on ten seconds guys that’s it so close fight with us let’s go ahead to tribe let’s go so close so close three two one great nice for our third and final circuit we’re gonna focus on the glutes and our cast so let’s get started with a 1 leg bridge I’m gonna use a dumbbell for this one and I’m not gonna use any weight for this one let’s go and come down to the floor lying down on our backs I’m gonna place this one dumbbell on my hips now with one leg I’m gonna bring one knee up drive off the opposite side heel squeeze my glutes and roll back down we’re doing 10 repetitions on each leg squeeze in those boots at the top all right let’s get started in three two one begin keep that heel nice and close to your glutes so really emphasize driving off that heel and squeeze in those boots up at the top so we’re not just coming up we’re also coming back while we bring that knee back up and back squeeze those loose at the top every time come on and on each leg two more guys and here we go last one zero all right switching legs right into it and begin that’s it also helps if you get on the foot that’s on the ground if you keep those toes elevated and up help you to emphasize those glutes good control the way up and the way down we’re breathing in on the way down breathing out exhaling as we drive up one more guys after this finish strong backs job okay so don’t go too far next we’re gonna move into a frog pump I’m gonna keep this weight on my hips putting our feet together bringing those knees out now driving off of your feet bringing those gluts up squeeze in the gluts up at the top I also want you to tuck that chin and bring that chin up off the ground okay here we are for 20 repetitions and three go guys let’s pump it out two one begin good those legs open and squeeze those glutes at the top every time not a little huge range of motion on this one we know can kind of look outward but it really isolates those glutes come on you want that booty to pop this is gonna do it for you come on four more guys alright whoo we are finishing strong squeeze those glutes every time last one right here and zero excellent nice job on the front pumps let’s come on up onto our feet we’re gonna work on those calves next we need two dumbbells of equal weight we’re gonna hold them at our side and I’m gonna do a calf raise plus a ballistic jump start with my feet shoulder-width apart we’re gonna rock back onto our heels driving balls of feet in the ground and then I’m jumping and I’m gonna skip the jump altogether and just come up to the balls of my feet he were really working those casts behind repetitions here we are in three two one begin every time get those balls of the feet off the ground by rocking back and then really driving them in forcing those calves to do the work whether you jump or not it’s the same basic move we are getting those calves to contract and to really be isolated and halfway points if you’re doing that jump don’t jump with your whole leg your knees and your hips the only that ankle joint come on whoo starting to burn feeling I wore come on then the strong has four tried right there with you let’s do it last one right here and 20 all right wow I felt that one shoot all the way up to my glutes Russia liked it okay it’s a good one one more time through this try set just two of each one more set again I’m using that dumbbell for these one leg bridges you decided use them Diplo’s appropriate for you we have ten on each la those feet nice and close to you my weights on my hips and let’s begin in three two one let’s go drive off that hip and then control the way down that’s it come on sticking with it staying tough through the rest of this workout you’ve made it this far and you’re gonna make it to the end let’s go right here you know fighter not a quitter let’s see it squeeze that glute come on and last one right here and ten excellent okay so which enlace what should at ten last ten of these let’s go begin no downtime you know the move let’s get it going driving off that heel bringing those hips up and back squeeze at the top every time for more back stays nice and straight nice and controlled on the way down here it is finished strong last one oh nice alright let’s burn those boots out right here right now feed it together frog pumps pet is up and tucked and begin last 20 of these come on let’s go squeeze those glutes up at the top get those feet together he’ll stay together and drive you got it right here think about what brought you here today to begin with think about how good you’re gonna feel when this workout is all done let’s go finishing strong right here guys you only have five more that’s it that’s it you got it cool whoo burn so good and last one good squeeze all right no more glutes great well I don’t know come on well sit in these glues all over all right let’s get those calves going last set 20 repetitions I’m doing the jump she’s just doing the calf raise either way we’re in it together in it to win it let’s go rocking back and dry begin last 20 of these what do you got right here burn those legs out one should be proud of yourself for making it this far and even prouder when you finish here come on let’s go you got it should breathe in halfway and breathe out last nine of these what do you got half a tribe move it really drive the balls of the feet five more that’s it come on make it count whoo here we are here we are last one zero everybody made it I’m gonna skip the high five there but you just jumped out of a pole I know it’s ridiculous wait anyway okay we’re moving to a Hindu a cool down so we can actually move to the floor take a nice big deep breath here as we do so do it slowly workouts over with so let’s let that heart rate start to come down yes we’re gonna get a little mobility and stretching in here legs are out in front of you back is nice and straight now we’re gonna do a seated hamstring stretch and the goal on this one is to only bend at the hips like a hinge it’s really gonna isolate those hamstrings put your hands on your hips good posture now keeping your head in line with your spine hinge forward you’re not gonna be able to get as far doing this as you would normally would and that’s okay but we really want to feel those hamstrings engage give your legs straight don’t bend hurt the knees that head in line with your spine and hold just a static stretch on this one those hamstrings took a beating today they could use a little recovery here in five four three two one zero relax good okay this next time we’re gonna perform a similar stretch but a little more of a lower back emphasis so I’m still gonna hit the hamstrings and glutes but more lower back so this time I want you to go ahead and reach and allow your body to bend and curl forward don’t pull back on your toes if you can but just keep your toes in a nice neutral position we’re gonna reach as far as you can whatever that looks like if that’s here that’s okay it’s way further than us that’s cool to make this work for you nice big relaxing deep breaths slow and controlled take a second here to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today being fit were easy everybody be fit but they’re not that’s what makes you so special for showing up today and putting in the work four five four three two one zero come on up nice and slow all right staying in this spot but we’re gonna emphasize the calves this next time so similar move the last one but only this time go ahead and pull those toes back and keep them pulled back what you can reach and pull back more that’s great if not just pulling back towards you and reach towards them again you can go and allow your back to to curl on this one pull those toes back as far as you can keeping your knees down hold and stretch if you can reach to pull back on your toes you can go ahead and do so but it’s not required like I said you’re here that’s okay just breathe you got it a few more deep breaths feel those calves loosening up again they took a beating today as well from the calf raises to the jumps four five four three two one zero come on up all right we got one more stretch here we’re move into a sprinter quad stretch work on those thighs and quadriceps it’s going to bring one leg back so this was a bunch of different variations the easiest is going to be about in here when I’m you know I’m sitting back and let me out just a little bit but the more you pull that leg underneath you the further you lie back the harder the move is gonna get so you decide for your flexibility and where you’re at right now if you want to be more in this range or if you want to come and lie down I’m probably about right here today after that workout agree to me yeah but all these static stretches we’re trying to take it to about 85 90 percent of what we’re capable of we want to feel a good stretch but we don’t want to necessarily be inducing any pain either again nice big slow deep breaths on this one whoo I’m gonna feel this one tomorrow hope you guys are too we still appreciative that you joined us for today we know you have a lot of choices out there so means a lot to us you came to workout with us today yes thank you for clicking on this video yes ma’am all right let’s switch legs in three two one zero go ahead and sit on up kick that leg forward and switch it up here last one whoo I’m pretty excited for my shower today I think it’s I think it’s safe to say I earned it you did make sure you guys rehydrate after this workout or during whatever we were doing yet as well again just a static hold here nice big deep breaths focusing on bringing that heart rate back down not much left on this one we’re just gonna hold this position for ten more seconds that’s it in five four three two one zero come on up nice and slow excellent work everyone shake those legs loose you made it out there caught it you made it high fives oshi virtual high-five she doesn’t want any of this thank you so much for working out with this today and giving us the privilege of serving you if you enjoyed this workout you’ve been working out this for a while you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you please go check out our patreon page we can find out more about how you can support our mission keeping these 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