Low Impact Difficulty with Seated Modifications
low impact workout

The old adage, if you don’t use it you lose it, has never been more accurate. The greatest risk facing most adults is disuse of their bodies. Use this full body workout for healthy aging, build strong muscle and bones, and improve balance and endurance. We’ll provide standing and seated variations for each movement so pick which works best for you. A chair is required for all participants. You may want to use light dumbbells or water bottles, but it isn’t a requirement. Now let’s begin!

Warm up
Reach + Chest Opener
Hamstring Sweep
Jog in Place + Arm Crossover

Senior Exercises at Home

Curl + Arnold Press
Goblet Squat / Alternating Leg Extensions
Seesaw Row
Modified Jumping Jacks / Chair Jacks
Kickstand Deadlift / Seated
Arm Haulers
Mountain Climber from Chair / Seated

Cool Down
Toe Touch to Scarecrow
Standing Quad Stretch / Seated
Seated Figure Four