Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Here’s a great weight training routine for weight loss and improving strength. It’s a full body workout so no muscle will be left behind. This is a no repeat workout, so we’ll only be performing one set of each exercise. We recommend having several weights available so you can switch your dumbbells as needed for each exercise. Ready. Set. Let’s go!

Warm up
Squatting T-Rotations
Squat to Toe Touch
Quadruped Reach Throughs

Weight Training for Weight Loss and Strength

Staggered DB Row & Twist x 12 each arm
Forward Lunge + Knee Raise / Modified x 12 each leg
Wall One Leg Calf Raise / Two Legs x 24
3:1 Tempo DB Thruster x 12
Alternating DB Hammer Curl x 24
Gorilla Reverse Fly / Bent Over x 12
B-Stance Suitcase Squat x 8 each
Crossbody Stepback and Chop x 12 each
Iso-Hip Up + Chest Press x 15
RDL + Shrug x 12
Alternating Iso-Hold & Front Raise x 12
One Arm Plank / from Knees x 30 sec each
Side Lunge + High Pull x 10 each

Cool Down
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch + Overhead Ext.
Lying Figure Four
Lying Angel