Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout
Use this lower ab workout to strengthen and tone your core fast! You won’t need any equipment for this one, but you may want a mat for comfort. Let’s go!

Lower Ab Workout

Complete each exercises for one set of 60 seconds:
Toe Taps / Knees Bent
Leg Circles / Knees Bent
Hello Dolly / Knees Bent
In and Outs / Feet Back Down
High Knee Up and In
V-Up / Split V-Up (one leg)
Upright Bicycles / Feet Back Down
Mountain Climbers

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a lower abs workout this workout doesn’t require any equipment but depending on the surface that you’re working out on you may want to use a mat I’m going to be doing the intermediate to advanced exercises and follow me for the beginner modification all right we’re getting right into this thing no wasting time let’s go down to the ground we’re going to start with a heel tap I’m going to do a heel tap with a straight leg Claudia is going to perform a heel tap with her knees bent Glen place those hands under your glutes my legs are straight Claudia’s are bent we’re going to go all the way up all the way down tap in those heels and return back up making sure to breathe now we’re not going to count any repetitions today it’s just going to be about performing as many reps as we can in the allotted time period now we place our hands under our glutes and lower back just to kind of take a little bit of pressure off our lower back but it’s totally optional just go ahead and keep grinding it out getting as many reps in as you can you’re going to get a lot of work in in a short amount of time today the important part is to just keep moving and keep breathing try your best not to pause this video or stop it just keep fighting through right to the very end you got it just come on keep moving one rep right into the next pushing yourself on this one pushing yourself because nobody can or will do it for you and again it’s just a heel tap not a heel bounce very important distinction on that one let’s hit this one for just 10 more seconds you got it one right into the next come on you got it four three two one zero alright we’re moving right into a leg circle I’m going to perform my leg circle with my leg straight Claudia is going to perform it again with those knees bent but we’re performing a nice full circle when you get down to that bottom directions and go in the opposite direction now don’t worry if your circles don’t look all that pretty doesn’t really matter what matters is that you keep moving and keep grinding it out come on don’t forget to breathe on this one you got it throughout the course of today’s workout it’s going to burn it’s going to hurt and it’s important for you to focus on what motivates you and what brought you here today to begin with and without that you’re going to want to quit so just stay focused on it whether you want to lose weight tighten those ABS up or just overall get better at kicking life behind whatever it is keep it at the front of your mind and keep moving you got it guys come on keep it up how many circles can you get one right into the next come on let’s go one to the next guys let’s hit this one for just ten more seconds you got it Reed come on come on come on keep fighting keep fighting four three two one zero no rest removing into a Hello Dolly next so I’m gonna have my leg straight where Claudia is going to have her knees bent or just opening those legs and closing them back up if you have your leg straight those legs are on about a 45 degree angle come on let’s go how many can you get again pushing the pace guys you got it a lot of working in a short amount of time today stay focused just keep grinding keep moving do the best you can and if you have to alternate between some of my moves and some of Claudia’s moves whatever you got to do just get er done that’s it come on that’s alright we’re hurting too we’re right there with you come on let’s you can see I’m burning Claudia’s burning keep moving if you got to set your feet down for a second that’s alright let’s hit this one for 10 more seconds and 5 4 3 2 1 whew okay we’re coming up and do it in and out now so good lean let’s get onto those forearms legs are out straight we’re going to bring the knees into your chest and then straighten the legs back out and on Claudia’s variation you can see she’s resting her feet down in between repetitions and if two legs is just too much for you alternate legs so up knee into the chest rest one leg and on to the next one we just encourage you to make this workout your own this is a tough workout we never said it’d be easy but we said it’d be worth it think about how good you’re going to feel when this workout is all done keep coming back and every time you perform it you’ll get a little bit better get just that many more reps that many more of the harder variation getting better every time not about being perfect just putting in the work getting those results come on keep moving keep moving we got this one for just 10 more seconds you guys don’t stop don’t stop five four three two one zero good all right returning over now we’re getting into a high plank position also known as a push-up position Claudia is going to be on her knees I move you up on my hands we’re going one knee up and then twist that knee in alternating knee up and in whether you’re up on your feet or on your knees the move is the same keep your back nice and straight core nice and tight and just keep moving this workout will be over with before you know it think about how good you’re going to feel when this is all said and done and then you can check this off your list for the day just keep grinding one wrap into the neck come on let’s go you got it push and pass that burn that burn got nothing on you come on let’s go you got it all day long well we can feel it working that’s alright that’s a good thing that means it’s work and we can feel it let’s go push past it Bastet you got it one into the next guys let’s hit this one four five four three two one zero all right we’re returning to our backs we’re going to do a v-sit I’m doing both legs Claudia’s doing one arms up overhead ladies are out straight at the same time we’re going to crunch up and bring those legs up our body gets into about a v-shape hence the name V sit bring those arms up and over you decide if you’re going to use one leg or if you’re going to use two this one is brutal probably my least favorite that’s all right that’s what I’m working on it I’m not perfect just grinding it out trying to get a little bit better every single day let’s go guys what you got don’t hold your breath on this movement put it all out there only ten more seconds on this one let’s go almost there almost there whoo keep fighting keep grinding what you got let’s go last ten seconds one into the max here it is push through right to the end and five four three two one zero all right we’re going to an upright bicycle next leaning back on a 45 degree angle legs are out straight we’ll bring an opposite knee to opposite elbow Claudia is going to go ahead and return that leg to the ground in between sets where I’m going to keep my legs off the ground and we want to try to keep a 45-degree angle as best as we can on this one really engage those ABS she’s going to take everything you got just keep moving don’t stop no matter how bad it hurts no matter how bad it burns you’re tougher than that burn you guys got it let’s go come on go go go go go what you got turn it all out there last ten seconds that’s it that’s it come on don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop five four three two one zero we’re turning over last one for the day we got mountain climbers up into a high plank position bringing those knees up into your chest claude is going to do the modified variation where she’s stepping up and i’m bringing those knees explosively in and kicking them back this is it right here guys this is what you came here for stay focused on your goals what you’re working on what’s your why come on that’s it go to that happy place and keep moving everything you got put it all out there let’s go what you got what you got I want you to exceed your own expectations today that’s it come on don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop when it hurts stop when you’re done let’s see it come on you got it you’re a fighter not a quitter you’re a fighter not a quitter you got it ten seconds that’s it come on you can do anything for ten seconds you got it five four three two one zero holy I think that works I think it’s safe to say that was effective oh nice work out there guys way to push through right to the very end if you enjoyed today’s workout I’ve been working out with us for a while you’re starting to see some results we encourage you to please go check out our patreon page we can find out more about how you can support our mission keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoy this horrible workout with is amazing oh yes you give this video a big thumbs up and please subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you never miss a new workout from has-been make sure to check out hat sitcom for hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness program and if you are on Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat combined hasit because we want to connect with you again thank you so much for suffering through this one with us today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout.


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