Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Join us and feel the burn for 10 minutes of ab shredding action! There’s no equipment required, but you may prefer a mat for comfort. Ready. Set. Go!

10 Minute Ab Workout

Complete 1 Round of 50 seconds of each exercise:
Low Plank Walk Out / from Knees
1:3 Tempo Leg Raise / Tempo Knee Raise
Reverse Plank Kicks / Modified Reverse Plank Kicks
Bear Plank Shoulder Touches / Shoulder Touches from Knees
Hollow Body Hold / Hollow Body Hold w/ Knees Bent
Clam Sit Up / Clam Crunch
Lying Leg Twist / Lying Knee Twist
High Plank Knee Up and In / from Knees
Sit Up Toe Touch / Reach Crunches
Planks / from Knees

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and i’m claudia and we’re going to do an ab workout i am gonna do all the intermediate
through Advanced modifications and Claudia is gonna give you some of the
beginner modifications along the way we’re going to do to do the whole thing
with ya there’re not equipment required today unless
you want to grab a mat for comfort we are going to burn out our ABS I’m
excited..I’m nervous I hope I’ll be.. but i should say she is honest
we hope either one whichever one it is i hope you stick with this and
join us okay we’re going to start on the ground in a low plank position i’m going
to start from of top and she’s gonna start from her knees as soon as I can get Matt out
there we go so on our forearms weight is evenly
distributed in low plank position and now we’re going to do a Walk outs
so we’re walking out in front and walking back you decide which one of these variations
is right for you keep your core tight,back straight
and hand,making sure to breathe not much of a range of motion on this
one but you can definitely feel it once your elbows get out there,certainly
getting filled right away now we’re not going to count any reps
today so it’s just all about you working at
your own pace pushing yourself and getting as many reps
in as you can and a lot of time period let’s scale 10 more seconds on this one pushing through making sure to breathe
in five four three.. zero,ok we’re going to turn over onto
our backs for the next one moving into either a lying leg raise
or lying knee raise so we’re going to do with the tempos
so we’re gonna go,one second on the way up we’re going to slow three count on the
way down nice and controled trying to keep your back flat on the ground
as you bring your legs or knees up one second quick on the way up
three seconds nice and controlled on the way down.. now I’m not putting my feet down
at the bottom as you see but if you feel like you need
to g’ahead and just drop your feet a little bit
or drop your feet quickly on the ground don’t bounce them but if you need
to take a rest in between and place your legs or her feet down
on the ground in between as totally okay,again making this
one making this one,your own :3 are ya doing all right out there
it’s a little hard to talk and i can’t use the same time you know okay,breath guys we don’t have much left on
this one feels on those ABS working
uffwii let’s go 5 ok so we’re going to pop up
into a reverse plank both of us our fingers
are facing forward I’m not moving from the reverse plank I’m just gonna hold it,i’m looking up hips are up..and now i’m gonna go alternating kicks with a straight leg but Claudia like she said is just going
to remain in that reverse plank position find as a board just imagining I’m trying to balance a glass of wine or a glass of water whatever pick your poison yeah yeah let’s go.. Goldwater and it’s a workout video and probable
with water keep your core nice and tight try your best not to sink at your hips
i know it gets hard don’t hold your breath on this one keep breathing..exactly come on keep it up
guys you got it breathe and move you gotta it
hold tight hold tight not much left,let’s go for 10 more
seconds that’s it think about what brought you here today what is it?
what are you working on? al right nice we’re going to turn over
now we’re not taking any breaks
one in the next let’s go turn it over i’m into
bear plank position and I’m gonna go bear plank
+shoulder touches so my knees are bent at a 90,
for Claudia is from her knees doing a high plank position alternating shoulder touches
either way keep that core nice and tight so you see I have my weight
evenly distributed on the balls of my feet in my hands but claudia in on her knees
and both of us are keeping our core tight and our shoulders square to the round
nice and square yeah good,little bend those elbows as you do
this one don’t want to lock out your arms good come on keep it up guys doing great don’t slow down,get this many as you can let’s go ten more seconds on this one fight and through
yes this one’s working more than your abs too
,it’s little bonus it’s like total body workout almost get a lot of core in there to do
321 alright and we’re gonna turn over again classic move next..hollow body i’m gonna show you guys
two variations,i will show the harder one so i bring my chin up first and what that does is helps me
keep my lower back flat on the ground head is up,arms are out and legs are out
and i’m just gonna hold it here and if you feel as if this version
of what i’m doing is way too easy for you go a head and bring your arms back,
keep your head and your shoulder blades up and just hold right here so again keeping that chin forward
and tough,allows you to keep your back flat on the ground
so you don’t want your lower back coming up good hold and breathe that’s it right there is this one is brutal classic gymnastics move
soo brutal..hold tight common let’s go you got it
you can do it don’t give up keep pushing keep pushing almost there,let’s go ten more seconds
that’s it breathe hold tight.. nice alright next,moving into a clam sit up Claudia is gonna do Clam crunch
put our feet together i’m going bring my elbows to my
knees doing crunch on both sides and i’m just gonna reach right through my legs
both bringing our shoulder blades off. the ground,coming forward
really big difference is that leg movement when you’re doing with your legs decide again which one is right for you this is a great one for your lower
abdominal area you can get a little bit of
inner thigh on this one good breathe and focus guys this is it right here,put inthe work so we
can get the payoff thinking about that goal think about what motivates you recognizing what its gonna take to get
there and that is pure work no ifs and bones about it put in work here
put in work in the kitchen you can do it let’s go breathe let’s go 5.. nice ok next we’re moving on to a high
plank into the high plank position we’re going to knee up and in
Claudia’s going to do from her knees.. I’m gonna come from high plank off my feet
bring our knee up and twisting in so comes up and twist so
when rotate your body as.. that knee twist..breathe
knee up in the chest this one again hit more
than just the Abs and a little bit of arms in their little bit of legs so all getting hit right now
let’s go oh man it’s gonna obliterate your core I like it I like it,it hurts so good burn so good,gotto tell yourself that it’s all mental game guys i’ts all it is,
when starts to catch on fire like that It’s not that some people feel fire and
some don’t or feel the pain and some don’t everybody feels it
just your ability to push pass you’re pushing past right now everybody come on let’s go train
yourself to push past that burn good breathe so 10 more seconds almost
there 54321 ok we’re flipping our
backs I’m gonna do a sit up+ toe touch
Claudia is gonna do reach crunch so my legs are going straight up in the air
and i’m going to touch at my toes and i’m keeping my feet just on the
ground reaching up towards the sky Bring my shoulder blades up off the ground either way to try your best to reach
straight up so not just for really reaching straight up
into the sky like like you’re trying to touch your ceiling again making sure to breathe
can’t hold your breath on these you will regret it coming down in between stay focused here
it is this is it right here everybody would you come here for today would you
start that video for,don’t pause it pass through,prove to yourself that you
can do it comeback and get a little bit better
every single time let’s go come you can do it
you can do it tell yourself that,whether
you believe it or you don’t you’re right either way come on let’s go almost there in five four three two one last one we’re turning over
,last movement guys,we got it that’s it.we gotta Plank we’re gonna finish strong
with a good old-fashioned plank I’m doing it for my knees and I’m coming
up onto my feet,weight is underneath you and just think about something pleasant keep that core tight if you’re doing it
from the knees notice how Claudia’s brought her hips down you don’t want to
way up in the air bring those hips down back nice
and straight you got it right here everybody this is it
if you’ve been saving it now is the time to let it out let’s go,throw that belly bottom
towards to your spine and hold it,hold and tight breathe stay focused
this is it go to your happy place yep think about what your goals are,think
about what it’s gonna take to achieve’em think about how great you’re going
to feel once you do achieve them, and then it’s just on to the next one
that’s it one go after another crushing it right here let’s go good you got it whoo let’s go 15 seconds that’s it 15 seconds and this workout is done and
you’ve made it don’t give up now now is not the time to
give up so close to the end right here come on stick with it
stick with it for five four three two one zero uh-huh nice job everybody good job Claudia good job
i’ve five you guys up there thank you so much for toughing it out with us throughout this whole workout you did like the workout make sure that
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that’s right thank you so much for giving us the honor to work out with you today yes I’m coach Kozak and i’m claudia
and we will see you at your next workout.

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