Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

This 10 minute ab workout will set your abs on fire! There is no equipment required for this routine, but if you’d like to increase the intensity then grab a pair of dumbbells and perform it with weights.

10 Minute Ab Workout with Dumbbells or No Equipment

Complete each exercise for 60 seconds (per side if applicable)
DB Alt Reach Crunch + Knee / without DB’s
DB Russian Twists / without DB’s
DB Lying Leg Raise / without DB’s
X Factor / without DB’s
DB Side Plank Rotators / without DB’s
DB Reverse Crunch + Toe Touch / without DB’s
DB Side Plank Dips / without DB’s
DB Cross Punch Crunch / without DB’s

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is our ab workout I’ll be doing the workouts with weights and I’ll be doing the exercises with no equipment if you are using weights you’ll need two dumbbells and the weight that you choose will be completely dependent on your fitness level the only other equipment that you may need is a mat for comfort alright let’s get going [Music] all right we’re going to move to the floor to start if you are using your dumbbells go ahead and have those ready to go for this first move we’re going to lie down flat on our backs legs are out straight in front of us we’re going to do a combo move at the same time I’m going to bring one knee up and reach crunch with my opposite side arm I’m going to keep my feet up in between repetitions and I’m actually doing the exact same move as Coach cozec but I am resting my feet in between each crunch so just pick the variation that works best for you and you know if you feel like weights are too much but you still want to have your legs lifted totally do it yeah so again today really it’s all about making this workout work for you picking the variations that are appropriate we’re not going to count any repetitions today it’s just going to be about getting as many reps in as you can and that a lot of time period and this one’s starting to burn we’re almost there guys keep it moving keep it work and you got it we’re doing this one for just 10 more seconds keep it up and five four three two one zero whoo feeling good already all right moving into a Russian twist so this time we’re going to lean back on a 45 degree angle I have my two hands on one dumbbell and I’m going to twist side to side I have my hands on an imaginary dumbbell and I’m twisting as well to see my ABS from side to side and I have my feet on the ground so this one can either be done with your feet on the ground or your feet up if you want to add some extra difficulty and you can go ahead and add a little bicycle movement in at the same time again you choose the variations that are most appropriate for you make sure you’re twisting your core and not just your arms make sure you don’t end up doing this where you’re just moving your arms from side to side it’s an excellent point keep breathing keep moving and keep fighting through that burn you got it and five four three two one zero excellent all right I want to grab my second dumbbell for this one we’re both lying down flat on our back we’re going to do a reach lying leg race so the first move is going to be to bring your chin up tuck your chin shoulder blades off the ground and just reach now you’re going to hold that isometric position next we’re going to do a lying leg raise nice and controlled on the way up and on the way down and I am resting my feet again in between each leg raise so pick the variation that looks best for you I really want to try to have your lower back glued to the ground on this one one of the major reasons why we’re doing this reach other than getting a nice abdominal contraction is to help you take your hip flexors out of the move get that lower back flat glued to the ground good move had a nice controlled pace you want to feel that contraction you want those ABS to have a long time under tension you got one rep in the next keep breathing keep fighting you got it let’s go this one for just 10 more seconds ho most their flight to the end on this one and five four three two one zero oh good one all right we’re moving into an X Factor so we need to create an X shape with our bodies arms are out legs are spread open so now we’re going to perform a crunch to the opposite side leg as we bring that opposite side leg up crunching at the same time and return now opposite side now nice control on the way up and on the way down wooh even without weights this is a good one good challenge trying your best to meet in the middle with that leg and your upper body good if you need to you’re going to come up onto that opposite side arm as you perform the crunch good we’re going to control that negative eccentric portion the movement or the lowering phase you don’t want to just allow your legs fly back down you need to control that point of the workout you got to concentrate on what motivates you whatever it is what brought you here today to begin with whether it’s purely aesthetic and you want to have nice abs you need a strong core maybe for sports or you’re just trying to be amazing at life whatever your goals are think about it focus on it rep by Rep getting yourself that much closer you got it let’s hit this one for just ten more seconds almost there fight through guys fight through and five four three two one zero excellent job we’re coming up into a side plank position for the next one we’re going to a side plank rotator you’re using the dumbbell we only need one for this one coming up onto one forearm same side foot back and core is straight we’re going to reach through pull back and extend straight up reach through rotate at that core and then look up at that hand whether you’re holding the dumbbell or not and if this is a little too difficult for you and you can drop it down to one knee notice how the leg that’s on the bottom it’s going to be dropped down to the knee and I’m just going right back into the movement so I which variation is correct for you keep that core tight that hip up ad stay engaged or contracted throughout the whole move making sure to breathe don’t hold your breath we’re going to switch sides and five four three two one zero opposite side now keep it moving really eliminate that downtime back up and right back at it you got it I really want you to focus on rotating that core at the bottom and reaching through trying to grab something from underneath yeah from but just from behind you stand all the way up and look at that hand every time excellent work guys come on what should that burn whew somehow obliques on this one remind yourself while you’re here right now what is it pushing yourself nobody else can do it for you come on keep going not much left almost there let’s go for five four three two one zero excellent moving into a reverse crunch plus toe touch lying down flat on our back bringing those legs straight up arms straight up with my dumbbells in hand I’m going to reach like I’m trying to touch those feet I’m gonna do a reverse crunch bringing my hips up off the ground and you notice I’m doing the exact same movement but if this one feels like it’s a little too tough for you then you can definitely just reverse crunch with your knees if you need to drop your legs this toe touch I’m bringing my shoulder blades up off the ground making sure to contrast with my abs and not just stretch in with my head or my neck on the reverse crunch your goal is to get those hips up off the ground now I’m not going to be a lot of range of motion on either of these two to three Institute’s macked on both just going back and forth between the two you got it I’ll pushing the base guys what do you got right here right now prove it to yourself remember it’s not about how bad you want it how hard you’re willing to work for it who put Network right here look it burn we’re feeling it two guys right there you’re not alone has four tribes not alone tribe let’s go we tried one wrap into the next let’s go what you got what you got and five four three two one zero oh my goodness all right we turn it over into a side plank position doing side plank dips if you use in your dumbbell we only need one of them back to side plank position again nice straight line right here I’m going to put this weight up on my opposite side hip I’ll drop my hip and then bring it back up to square again guys if you need a modification for this one drop to your one knee on the bottom and dip dip you’re still going to feel that burning and strengthening in your oblique there yeah this one definitely focuses on those obliques core stays tight you got it keep it going guys one rep into the next come on tribe what you got right here don’t hold your breath remember to breathe pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you right here let’s go crank them out not many left let’s go ten more seconds on this side and five four three two one zero whoo other side other side other side I liked it I liked it let’s go come on no downtime let’s go tribe how many can you get right here think about those goals what is it what made you click on this video today something brought you here whatever it is focus on it it’s going to be the thing that gets you through to the end you got to switch to a modified version that’s ok but what we don’t want you to do is hit that pause button just let’s keep moving keep grinding keep work and you got it here we go 5 4 3 2 1 zero heart honey moving into a cross punch crunch I’m using both dumbbells for this one lying down on our back I’m gonna crunch up and punch across opposite sack bring their shoulder blades up off the ground contract those ABS and reach as you punch really you got it right here guys come on try what you got we go put it all out there we’re burning with you the housing is maybe millions of us at home they’re on that same burn you’re feeling not alone come on tribe let’s go we’re in it together keep pushing what do you got right here getting a little bit better every repetition not about being the best just about being a little bit better than yesterday defeating the you who couldn’t do it yesterday come on getting better I never rep burn it out burn it out four five four three two one zero oh goodness spin that you made it blue well good doing good nice work out there tribe we appreciate you and all of your hard work we hope you appreciate it today’s workout if you did like it you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please tour check out our patreon page it really helps us keep this great service for you that’s right and if you enjoy this workout with us today let you give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so you never miss another workout from husband make sure to check out has sitcom where we have hundreds of free workouts and our free complete fitness program and if you are on Facebook Instagram Twitter or snapchat find us on your favorite social media outlet and connect with us thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and Claudia and we will see you at your next workout