Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications
intermediate workout

Blast your core with this 10 minutes abs workout! There is no equipment required for this routine, but you may want to grab a mat for comfort.

10 Minute Abs Workout

Complete each exercise for 60 seconds (per side if applicable)
High Plank Arm & Leg Ext / Arm Ext
High Plank Walkouts / from Knees
Hollow Body Arm Pullovers / Knees Bent
Punching Sit Up / Crunch
Side Plank Reach Through / from Knees
Lying Leg Twist / Knees Bent
Knee In-Twists / Feet Down

[Music] what’s up has to tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is an abs workout you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s burn them out [Music] all right let’s move to the floor and we’re going to get into a high plank position so up on our hands and our feet with our straight back I’m gonna perform an opposite arm and leg extension and I’m going to be performing an arm extension so you decide which variation is right for you we’re not going to count any repetitions today just working at your own pace and getting in as many reps and as we can but at the same time we really want to stay under control with this one so I don’t want to get too crazy with the pace where you’re losing your balance and you’re not able to maintain your shoulders Square to the floor keep a slight bend in both elbows keep your head in line with your spine and be sure to keep breathing and you’ll know on this one it’s not about being perfect you may lose your balance here they’re just about putting in the work and getting a little bit better every time you repeat this workout making sure to breathe bring that opposite arm and leg up or just alternating arms keep it moving here not much left on this first one one right into the next year last ten seconds you got it good almost there four five four three two one zero keeping the pace up moving into the next one we do a high plank walk out so from my feet I’m walking out to an extended position and back up and the easier modification for that would be to drop down to your knees and perform the walkout you decide which variation is appropriate for you today that’s totally okay if you start with one variation and then you move on to the next one again do not hold your breath you will regret it find your best to get full extension while keeping your back straight and not allowing your butt to go up into the air it’s a total core move here in every abdominal muscle very functional move as well again do not hold your breath not much left on this one either come on keep it going has we tried grind it out grind it out focus on those goals focus on what made you hit that play button today to begin with come on almost there last ten seconds I’m gonna can you get how far can you get test yourself five four three two one and zero all right we’re turning over to our backs for the next one we’re gonna do a hollow body pull over so lying on our backs first move is gonna be to tuck your chin bring those shoulder blades up off the ground and I’m up with my legs out straight and I’m gonna have my knees bent and then we’re gonna do a pullover with your arms full extension those palms facing up to facing down just isometrically holding this position wanna glue that lower back to the floor on this one and you can do that by bringing that chin up and if you can’t quite keep it there that’s where you bend those knees just to make it a little bit easier either one of these moves are easy else you go hard and harder come on let’s go starting to feel that burn pushing through it push through it come on let’s go you are stronger then that burn focusing on that goal focus on what it is you’re working towards remember it’s not about how bad you want it it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it and that’s what you’re doing right here right now let’s go has to try and grind it out and we’re right there with you doing that same burn that same pain you’re feeling thousands maybe millions of own feeling it together let’s go getting stronger together last ten seconds make it count make it count come on what do you get oh do you got and five four three two one zero stand down on our backs to the next one now I’m moving into a punch plus sit-up and I am doing a punch plus a crunch so I’m bringing my shoulder blades up off the ground and I’m coming all the way up and we’re punching across alternating arms and so as you come up and performing a twisting punch punching to that opposite side you want to exhale as you punch inhale as you come back down keeping that constant tension on those ass trying not to relax too much down at the bottom one right into the next working at your own pace here feeling that burn or working through it working together guys come on let’s go heads for tribe let’s go what do you got right here groove it to yourself not competing with us not competing with anybody else who just competing with dig you that couldn’t do it yesterday but you’re getting it done today thinking about how good you’re gonna feel when this workout is all done and you can check it right off your list let’s go tribe commotion go on into the next you’re an animal you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here last ten seconds burn them out burn them out whoo I’m burning right through with you four five four three two one zero moving into a high plank position for this next one keep the pace up we’re on that forearm into a side plank position I’m on both feet and I’m gonna be on one knee with the other leg extended we’re gonna do a reach through and twist reach through and twist keep that core tight back stays straight reaching through you’re getting a nice twist and then as you reach up I want you to look up at that hand you got nice control moves on this one try not to use momentum keeping that bats you want your hips up and you don’t want them dipping again keep breathin do not hold your breath we’re gonna split half and half on each side let’s go let’s go come on and if you need to switch it up half way through do a different variation feel free to do so whoo definitely getting a double bonus glute burn over here whoo we like it switching in 5 4 3 2 1 same move just turn over opposite side now and keep it up let’s go what do you got has to try put it all out there hold on the line right now for easy everybody be fit everybody being in great shape but we know that’s not the case that’s what makes you so special for showing up today they’re putting in does that work come on and that work is the only thing that stands between you and your goal just gotta put it in day in day out keep showing up and that’s what you’re doing right here come on let’s go who the hell knows obliques burning even a little extra credit glute work but keep it moving here last 10 seconds come on grind it out grind it out four five four three two one zero nice all right transitioning back to our backs lying back flat I’m gonna do a lying leg twist I’m gonna do it line knee twists so keep those hands out for balance I’ll have my legs up straight and I’m twisting side to side and of course I’m doing the exact same thing but I have my knees going side to side keep your upper back flat on the floor try not to let it come off the floor while you do this one if you don’t quite have the flexibility to get a full range of motion that’s okay do the best you can but what we don’t want to happen is to be bouncing your knees or your legs off the ground get as far as you can without actually bouncing in the lower body off the floor staying under control a great move for those obliques one into the next again under control on this one shouldn’t be using momentum or flapping your legs back and forth but constant time under tension is your key to getting those rock-hard abs along with what you’re doing with your knife in your fork and your proper nutrition of course come on let’s go more than halfway done with this one keep pushing keep moving not much left has to be tried come on think about what brought you here what is it what are you working towards every rep get Eve just that much closer last ten seconds let’s see it right here what do you got what do you got four five four three two one zero okay we’re coming up now we’re gonna lean back on a 45 degree angle with those hands back behind us I’m gonna bring my feet up and at the same time bring my knees in and twist and I’m doing the exact same thing except I am resting my feet in between each knee tuck you decide if you want to keep those feet up in between for more of a challenge or if you want to rest your feet down in between there’s a little easier goal of it both are hard moves we got hard and harder here today come on almost there grind it out with this has to try last one how many can you get on this last one stand back on that 45-degree angle just gonna help us to keep that constant tension on those ABS you don’t want to lean too far forward let them relax but instead it’s all about that constant time under tension there it is right here right now finish strong has to try finish strong come on keep moving keep grinding almost there almost there let’s go last 10 seconds what do you got put it all out there don’t save anything and 5 4 3 2 1 0 oh and that is it that’s a wrap ah nice where Claudia nice work coach Kozak ah nice work to you out there tribe thank you so much for working out with us today and grinding through right to the very end we’d ask that you please help support our mission of keeping these great workouts free you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both Android and iOS or you can stop by our store pick up some has fit gear or our diet guide eating for life and please don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up as well as hit that red subscribe button so you never miss another brand new workout from has fit again thank you so much for pushing through with us today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout