Intermediate Difficulty
intermediate workout

Woo! This 10 minute ab workout burned so good! There is no equipment required for this routine, but you may want to grab a mat for comfort.

10 Minute Abs Workout at Home

Complete each exercise for 90 seconds (per side if applicable)
Hollow body pulse / knees bent
Mountain Climbers / modified
Hollow body flutter kick / knees bent
Jack knife / modified
3 level sit ups / crunches
Extended Low Plank / from knees

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is an ab workout there’s absolutely no equipment required for today’s routine but you may want to use a mat for comfort follow me for the standard exercise and then follow me for the easier modifications let’s do it [Music] alright let’s get started on the floor we’re going to get into a hollow body position so we’re going to lie down flat on the floor we’re going to bring our chin up tuck our chin and then bring our shoulder blades up off the ground keeping our lower back of glued to the ground I’m going to now bring my legs up and keeping them straight and I’m going to bring my knees up now we’re going to perform a pulse with our arms just a one to three inch up-and-down movement keeping our arms straight now I’m maintaining this hollow body position going to keep that chin tucked keep those shoulder blades up off the ground and keep your lower back blue to the ground you want to arching your lower back on this one definitely not because then that’s going to cause a little bit of discomfort you decide if you want your legs out straight or if the modified version with your knees bent is right for you and I can account any repetitions on this one it’s just about getting as much work in as we can and that a lot of time period remembering to breathe to the movement do not hold your breath on this one fighting through that burn we don’t have much left on this first one again you decide if keeping those legs straight or knees bent is right for you and if you need to switch it up halfway through that’s okay too let’s go ten more seconds on this one and again keep those pulses going for some those ABS to stabilize for five four three two one zero excellent we’re going to flip over next and do a mountain climber keeping the pace up so we’re starting in a high plank position and that back straight I’m going to bring one knee up and then alternate and I’m going to do the same thing but I’m going to go add a little bit of a slower pace just bring my feet right back down next to one another and right back up I decide which variation is more appropriate for you this one’s great because it’s not only working your core but it’s going to get your heart rate up burn some calories to help expose those ABS at the same time keep your back straight core tight keep those shoulders parallel to the ground and yes this one isn’t only working your abs also working your shoulders and triceps chest a little bit as well we’ll call that bonus work extra credit work make sure to breathe not holding that breath good keep it up and as this workout progresses and that burn starts to kick in it’s going to be important that you remind yourself what it is that brought you here today to begin with whatever it is that’s going to be the thing that gets you through to the end stay focused on what you come here for let’s go let’s go come on we got ten more seconds what you got four five four three two one zero we’re turning back over onto our back back in that hollow body position now so again head up chin tuck upper back up off the ground and now we’re going to do flutter kicks and then doing flutter kicks but with my knees nice and bent again it’s so important to keep that lower back glued to the ground on this one and if you have your legs out straight you’re not able to achieve that go ahead and bend those knees until you are so the more bent the knees are the easier it is more straight out your legs are the harder it will be but trust me you’re going to feel a burn either way yes we like it today’s workout we’re really focusing on time under tension for those ABS just forcing them to work throughout this entire workout you got it making sure to breathe come on guys what did you come here for well here goes what do you want let’s go right by rep getting a little closer let’s hold it for just 10 more seconds almost there almost there let’s go five four three two one zero nice smooth all right let’s roll over to our sides for the next one we’re going to do a jackknife so one hand on my head legs are out straight I’m going to bring my upper body up and then my both legs up bending my knees and crunching meeting in the middle and I’m doing the exact same movement except I am only bringing up one leg to meet my elbow in the middle you decide which variation is right for you and I’m mine to make it harder you can keep both legs up and not return them back down to the ground in between so again really want you to choose the modifications that are right for you and your fitness level either way keeping the pace up and move you got it one rep right into the next make sure to breathe don’t hold that breath learning to fight through that burn don’t listen to it look feel good burn so good a burn so good come on guys let’s go ten more seconds on this side and we’re going to flip over you got it four five four three two one zero flipping over opposite side again keep the pace up very little down time right into it one of the keys to proper abdominal training is really keeping that time under tension and just forcing those ABS that work without much of a break you can see it really works that lactic acid kicking in that burns taking in but you’re stronger than that burn this one’s really empathizing the obliques really hitting all of the ABS like especially the obliques meeting in the middle stay in under control throughout we don’t want to just flop down and lie back down in between but instead staying under control on the way up and on the way down not much left on this one take this one for just 10 more seconds you got it you got it come on guys let’s go let’s go heads for tribe react we’re yet we’re burning – five four three two one and zero no killing all right let’s keep the fun going let’s turn over to our backs I’m going to do a three level sit-up and I’m going to do a three level crunch so we’re going to come up hands on our chest we’re going to come up in three levels one two three so have three points in this exercise and in this range of motion you’re going to put on the brakes you should go gets really tough one two three Claudia’s doing the same technique with just performing a crunch so she’s going to levels of elevation on that crunch and do the best that you can this is a tough movement yes it is putting on the brakes and performing an isometric crunch at each stop one two three that’s it this is the top won’t come out fit this tough but we’re tougher what do you got right here and do your best to use those ABS not your neck that’s it that’s true and not momentum really focusing on those abs and forcing them to contract good good good remember it’s not about how bad you want it so how hard you willing to work for it that’s what you’re doing right here every rep don’t give up don’t hit that pause button think about how good you’re going to feel when this workout is all done and you can cross it off of your list let’s go whoo not much left last 10 seconds 1 2 3 hi there it is 5 4 3 2 1 0 excellent ok turn it over for the last one we get in to a low plank position for we’re in a plank position on our forms I’m gonna be up on my feet and I’m going to be on down on my knees now we’re going to do an extended low plank so instead of keeping those arms underneath you like you usually would we’re gonna crawl those arms out and do an extended plank position your abs tight back stays straight still you should give it a balance of glass off of that back back is straight you want your butt up in the air and you don’t want it sinking and we’re just gonna hold this is it right here everybody’s it isometric contraction just hold pushing to the end pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you call you right here you versus you lose them all looking in the mirror that’s your competition remembering to breathe through this movement I said don’t hold your breath you will regret it I guess you need to drop to your knees that’s alright do what you got to do but get through this don’t hit that pause button come on we’re fighting together has Fitz ride thousands maybe millions at home we own that same burn that you’re feeling Warren it together come on let’s finish it let’s finish it you got it but it’s too easy for you crawl those arms out a little bit more you get even further extension in that plank half stay tight core is tight the entire high don’t let them loosen up come on come on come on that’s it we don’t have much left on this one flight through to the end we got 15 seconds that’s it come on that’s it we’re yeah you can do 15 seconds come on every time coming back it’s a little bit better defeating the you who couldn’t do it yesterday come on let’s go five four three two one zero ah that’s it Wow burn so good hey Doc Claudia huh you made it – we made it I could work out there thank you so much for joining us if you enjoyed this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while 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