Beginner Difficulty with Intermediate Progressions
beginner workout

Strengthen, tone, and tighten your abs with this 12 minute home workout. There’s no equipment needed for this beginner ab workout, but you may want a mat depending on the surface you’re working out on. You’ll also have the opportunity to use a light weight for extra resistance, but it isn’t required.

Beginner Ab Workout

Long Arm Crunch
Standing Twists / w Weight
Opposite Elbow to Knee
Half Get Up / w Weight
Dead Bug / Feet Up
Lying Knee Twist / Legs Straight
High Plank Y Raise / from Feet
Butterfly Reach Crunch

hey has Fateh tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a beginner abs workout follow me for the standard moves and if you need a little bit more of a challenge follow me for the progressive movements there’s no required for this routine but if you’d like you can use a mat for comfort or you can grab a dumbbell for some added resistance if you ready to go let’s get moving [Music] all right let us begin with a long-arm crunch we’re gonna move to the floor to get started you get second to get down here we’re gonna lie flat on our backs with our feet on the ground go ahead and bring your both arms back behind your head keeping those arms long and straight next I want you to make sure you have that lower back down and glued to the mat the best you can now we’re gonna perform a crunch come up and squeeze and contract those abdominal muscles up at the top for bringing your shoulder blades up off the ground and we’re concentrating on contracting your abs and not using your neck muscles or straining your neck to get up there now throughout the course of today’s workout we’re not gonna count any repetitions so it’s gonna be all about you moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with and pushing yourself we encourage you to make this workout your own trying your best to keep that lower back glued to the ground trying to minimize any arch in between your lower back and the ground just coming up high enough to get your shoulder blades off the ground making sure to breathe you got it not much left on this first one keep it moving for five four three two one and zero all right we’re gonna come up onto our feet for the next one we’re going to do a standing twist I’m just gonna use my body weight for this one and I’m actually gonna grab my little dumbbell that I have here we’re gonna have our feet shoulder width apart hands are out in front of us we’re gonna keep to our arms nice and tight and we’re gonna twist side to side using our obliques and our ABS so we’re not just moving our arms back side to side but instead we’re keeping a slight bend in our knees a little weight in our hips staying tight our arms are nice and close to us and we’re using that core to twist and rotate side to side now your flexibility and mobility might be to the point brief you can only get to about forty five to forty five on each side or you might be able to do a full 180 twist totally up to you we encourage you again to make this routine your making sure to focus on that movement keeping your core nice and tight and it shouldn’t take you much to actually feel that stretch in your oblique that’s it and again you decide whether or not you want to add some extra resistance and grab a weight or not you got it keeping this one up for just ten more seconds come on grind it out everybody making sure to breathe keep that core and abs tight the whole time four five four three two one zero excellent next we’re gonna move on to a standing opposite elbow to knee so stay up on your feet hands are on our head we’re gonna go opposite elbow to knee now on this one you might not be able to get that knee all the way up and it more look it might look a little more like this and that’s alright again we encourage you to make it your own get that knee up as high as you can and at the same time come down and crunch with that opposite side elbow and breathe this one yes it’s gonna get a little extra credit working those legs at the same time on this one getting your heart rate up as well we love double-duty workouts don’t we that’s right we love the efficiency right get as much done in the shortest amount of time you can see is good that’s it it’s about that time and the workout when that burn starts to kick in you gotta start that you have to start to focus on what it is that brought you here today to begin with what are your goals what motivates you why are you here focus on it just don’t just blindly pass through this workout keep this one up four five four three two one zero excellent all right we’re gonna move to the floor for the next one and I’m actually gonna grab my dumbbell for this movement we’re gonna move into what’s called a half get up so go ahead and lie down flat on your back we’re gonna put one foot down flat on the ground opposite side leg out to your side in about a 45 degree angle put that same side arm and hand out reach up with your opposite side arm and now we’re going to crunch up onto that opposite side forearm crunch those abs and return back down so you’re coming up looking up at that hand and that arm throughout the move and if you’d like to like Claudia is doing you can go ahead and grab a little hand weight and head to makes a resistance but it’s totally not required so you’re really using those ABS and when instead of just coming straight up we’re actually punching a crossed on this one so we’re punching across on the same plane as that leg that’s out to the side coming up onto that forearm and that elbow trying to keep it nice and flat on the ground and not coming up into a full sit-up but just doing a crunch reaching across every time excellent work we’re gonna do a half and a half on each side so we’re gonna switch sides here and five four three two one and zero opposite side now go and put that opposite side leg up switch it and right into it trying our best to eliminate down time on this one one of the keys the proper ab training is time under tension just keeping those ABS working and not allowing them the rest whew I definitely feel that and we encourage you to move at your own pace on this one remember it doesn’t matter how slow you’re moving you’re still laughing everybody else on the couch just keep it moving remember what brought you here today whether trying to lose weight get stronger get more fit or just get better at life and your day to day activities whatever it is just stay focused on it know why you’re here come on guys you got it pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you that’s just the last five seconds on this side and three two one zero excellent next we’re moving into what’s called a dead bug so we’re gonna pull both arms up straight and then both knees up and bent at a 90 degree angle we’re gonna take opposite arm and leg and extend them I’m gonna let that foot come all the way down and rest on the ground or Claudia is gonna go ahead and keep that leg up off the ground you decide which variation is appropriate for you it’s a little bit of coordination involved in this one so it may take you a couple seconds to get it but again it’s opposite arm and leg working together on this one again making sure to breathe throughout whatever you do don’t hold your breath you decide if you want to take a little rest in between and rest that foot down or if you’re feeling good feeling strong and you want to keep that leg up anyway try your best again to keep that lower back Lou to the ground comes up a little bit it’s okay but you’re really trying to avoid a big arch excellent you got it one wrap into the next keep it up doing great nothing can stop you right here come on we only got 10 more seconds on this one finish it strong everyone let’s go has for tribe we’re yet four five four three two one and zero all right staying down in a similar position go ahead and put your arms out to your side I’m gonna bring my knees up until they’re bent at a 90 degree angle and I’m gonna do a lying knee twist side to side and I’m gonna have my leg straight up and I’m gonna do a line link twist it’s a little easier with your knees bent and ideally you can have a full range of motion where you all the way side to side but depending on your mobility you might be okay with just a 45 – 45 windshield-wiper movement you decide again what’s appropriate for you and your current fitness level and as you get through it and get more comfortable you can go ahead and progress and make it a little more challenging keep coming back getting a little bit better on every rep keeping your upper back flat on the ground on this one and your lower back we’ll go ahead and come up a little bit as you twist making sure to breathe this is really working those obliques as well as your trans one rep right into the next you got this come on let’s go fighting through that burn when that burn starts to kick in you just have to remember that’s just lactic acid just that muscle fuel and energy your muscles are using you don’t have to listen to that nerve response I am moving across the floor across I don’t have much left let’s go four five four three two one and zero that’s work all right we’re gonna turnover for the next one we’re gonna get into a high plank position I’m gonna get into a high plank from my knees I’m gonna be up on my feet in this high plank position we both have our back straight and our hips down up having our butt up in the air now we’re gonna do an alternating Y race so take one arm come up with that thumb up in the air and bring that arm up and out into a y-shape ABS stay tight back stay straight again you decide which of these moves is more appropriate for you you feet up or down on your knees I’m trying to stay as square as possible to the ground definitely don’t want to turn this into a Y rotation here very true keep those hips square ABS stay tight back stays straight you don’t want your butt up in there and you also don’t want it sinking down trying your best to form a nice straight diagonal line from your head to either your knees or your feet nice and controlled one rep right in the next excellent so it’s really working your overall core including your lower back forcing you to stabilize a little bit upper body in as well again extra-credit I’m all about that extra credited everyone come on now I’m much left on this one we’re almost there let’s hit it for five four three two one zero excellent all right let’s turn back over onto our backs we’re gonna move into a butterfly reach crunch so lying down on our backs we’re gonna have feet together in knees spread out now we’re gonna reach through those legs as we crunch up so we’re that long crunch was a little more coming straight up this one we’re actually gonna reach straight through those legs just hitting the ABS from a little different angle lift your legs and hips don’t open up quite as wide as ours that’s okay again just doing your best and you’re gonna gain a little added mobility and flexibility on this one but keep moving that’s it again doesn’t matter how slow you’re moving still laughing everybody on the couch that’s right you don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great and that’s where you guys are at right here right now every repetition is just getting you that much closer to your goals that’s it think about it visualize it how good are you gonna feel when you’re all done with this routine much left on this one today come on keep pushing everyone let’s go that’s it fighting through that burn coming up and contracting those ABS on every crunch really squeeze them and force them to work four five four three two one zero and that is it you made it we made it we made it – nice work Claudia I swear it coach boom nice work out there thank you so much for pushing it with us right to the very end if you enjoyed today’s workout and you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page where you can find out more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed this workout routine with us today we ask that you give it a big thumbs up and that you hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from has fit make sure to check out has fit calm or we have hundreds of free workouts our free meal plans and our free complete fitness program and if you are on Facebook Twitter Instagram or snapchat come find a fit we’re there and connect with us again thank you so much for allowing us to serve you and workout with you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout