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Stay on your feet and work your core! Here’s a 14 minute standing abs workout to strengthen and tone your mid-section. There is no equipment required for this routine, but if you’d like to increase the intensity then grab a pair of dumbbells or water bottles.

Standing Abs Workout

Staggered Straight Leg Kick + Twist / Knee Raise
Side Leg Raise + Crunch / Side Knee Raise
Straight Leg Chop / Knee Raise
Around the World
Staggered T Rotation + Knee Drive
Twisting Elbows

what’s up has fit tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a standing abs workout there’s no equipment required for today’s routine but if you’d like to increase the intensity feel free to grab a couple of light hand weights or water bottles follow along with me for the standard moves and follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s get started [Music] there’s no hand weights needed for this first one we’re gonna get started with a staggered straight leg kick and twist so went from a staggered stance hands around my head I’ll bring up that opposite side leg twist into it and crunch and instead of doing the straight leg I’m actually just going to do a knee raise so you decide which variation is appropriate for you takes a little more balance and flexibility to do the straight leg kick but work your way up that’s right fine which one is best for you and we encourage you to make today’s routine your own definitely we look forward to seeing you back hitting this routine and doing all of coach Kozak’s moves eventually that’s it getting a little bit better every time making sure to breathe stay balanced on that lead leg we’re gonna split our time half and half on each side twisting into that same side leg that’s coming up really contract those ABS make you sure to keep breathing don’t hold your breath on this one let’s keep this side up for five four three two one and zero switching sides right into it no break you’re doing this straight leg variation it’s also gonna test that flexibility of your back side and hamstrings I’ll tell you my stationary leg is definitely feeling a little bit of a burn in the glute so that’s it not uncommon we’re gonna call that a little bit of extra credit not just work not just working the ABS but also working on your balance and stability and a little bit of lower body as well again moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with I’m starting to feel those ABS engage on this one me too making sure to crunch him every time you can’t get your leg quite up as high as we are that’s okay just do your best and again it’s not about being perfect about putting in the work and getting a little bit better every time we’re almost there we don’t have much left on this first one let’s go four five four three two one zero I am gonna pick up my hand weights for the next one we only need one if you’re using them we’re gonna do a ribbon so we’re gonna start with that hand weight to your left side we’re gonna bring it across your body up overhead and then to the opposite side twist your abs and then opposite direction so we’re going up overhead doing a halo twist those ABS as you load them and reverse direction that’s what I’m really gonna get that power going one side to the next moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with if that’s fast then great if it’s a little more of a slow and controlled move then that works okay – keeping slight bend in those knees weight back in your hips in this one feel those ABS stretch as you bring that hand weight overhead on each repetition we’re loading those ABS and then returning with power load and return load and return definitely feeling the burn here in my ABS already might take you a couple of repetitions to get to hang of this one and get into the rhythm really working those obliques as we twist those transverse abdominus few of those ab muscles that don’t usually get hit are working on this one you better believe it keep it up come on you got it not much longer on this one let’s go ten more seconds let’s go guys let’s go come on pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you right here and five four three two one zero excellent okay for this next one I’m gonna use both hand weights okay and I’m actually gonna drop mine so I’m gonna place my hands up on my head I’m gonna do same side straight leg raise and and I’m just gonna do a knee raise on the crunch trying to bring my knee to my elbow but do the best that you can so my variations a little bit harder it requires a little little bit more balance but either way you decide which one is gonna work for you to feeling that oblique crunch I am nice contraction every time reset up at the middle big and tall and right into the next rep you got it getting as many in as you can here and that’s a lot of time period getting a nice firm contraction in excellent work this is a good one again I’m feeling it in my stationary leg and I’d say also working our balance today with these standing ab exercises you have a problem balancing just focus on something ahead of you and fix your eyes on that that’s a great point let’s keep this side up for five four three two one zero ah what’s the side now right into it don’t skip a beat come on let’s go keep it up we’re going hard and fast on this standing ABS routine a day one routine one rep right into the next go go go go coach Kozak likes to say and it’s about that time for the routine where that burn starts kicking in that you need to remind yourself what it is that brought you here today to begin with whatever it is it motivates you got to keep that at the front of your mind not to back your mind whether you’re trying to lose weight get more toned gain some muscle or just be the best version of you whatever it is it’s not gonna happen through wishing for it nope only gonna happen through working for it action and that’s what you’re doing right here putting in the work keep it up almost there not much left on this one let’s go just 10 more seconds oh come on crunching with that oblique every time so close so close and three two one zero Axl OH couldn’t be using hand weights we’re gonna grab just one for this next one we’re gonna have our hands up overhead two hands on either side of that weight we’re gonna do a straight leg plus chop and again I’m gonna be sticking with the knee raise here plus the chap so we’re crunching those abdominals bringing that weight straight up from overhead and I’m alternating with a straight leg well Claudia is just bringing up those alternating knees you decide which variations right for you it’s kind of like a standing crunch or standing leg raise plus crunch give it a good crunch here in the middle making sure to really focus on contracting those ABS in the middle every time don’t just wait for them to contract themselves but instead really focus on that squeeze force them to engage you can tell I’m squeezing and we might lose our balance here but it’s not about being perfect just about putting in the work sorry they giggle made me giggle made me lose my balance it’s okay it happens to all of us come on all right there with you have a tribe rep by Rep you’re getting that little extra shoulder burn too that’s it again we’ll call that extra credit nothing wrong with that I mean if you need to drop your weight feel free to drop the weight it’s a great move with just your own arms not much left let’s go last ten seconds on this one come on one rapper write another next let’s go five four three two one zero okay we’re not gonna give our arms watching over break now then you doing around the world so let’s go to pop those arms and that weight up overhead we’re gonna start by bending to our right from our side and when you can’t get de down any further go ahead and reach we’re gonna twist around the world big circle in the opposite direction up top we get to the top switch directions reach to the left all the way around just performing a big circle from your waist all the way down reverse it now you might not be able to get quite as far as we are an annulus ability level or you might be able to get further than us but either way give it your best make sure you’re using those apps slight bend in your knees don’t have your legs quite locked out big full range of motion those oblique stretching and then they pull you back up top yeah excellent that’s a great one not only to work on that core strength but to work on your mobility as well making sure to breathe and here’s another one if your arms start to catch on fire you can go ahead and set that weight down and just use your arms again we encourage you to make this routine your own fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution make this workout work for you whatever you do just keep working keep moving or almost there let’s go let’s get those one for last ten seconds how many can you get right here make it count has fit tried and five four three two one zero excellent okay if you had to hand weights go ahead and grab them both for this next one we’re gonna do a staggered tea rotation plus knee drive so we’re gonna start in a staggered stance one leg back both dumbbells hanging backs on a 45 degree angle nice and straight we do a key rotation with the same side arm if that leg that’s back we’re gonna twist reach up look at that weight back down and then bring that knee up to your chest and back down that’s one free p:t rotation twist knee up knee drive and repeat again moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with that that’s a slower pace then that’s great if you feel like picking up the pace feel free to do so there are a lot of moving parts in this movement so I mean for me it’s I feel more comfortable going at a slower pace I can actually think through the move right that’s it make sure you’re using proper form getting those abs engaged really control that hand weight not only on the way up with the way down that’s well you don’t want to just let that you want to fling the weight up and then let it fall down and lose balance but instead really control and that’s what’s gonna force those abs to engage in to work a lot of stabilization going on here that’s it stabilization is so important for a functional and strong core and we’re accomplishing that right here let’s go just ten more seconds on this side and we’re gonna switch it up and of course we do have that extra credit of that front leg really working as well let’s go three two one zero switch it up right into it let’s go ahead fit try what do you got come on remember what brought you here today getting a little bit better with every repetition you got this right here nothing can stop you you just got a beer biggest cheerleader not your biggest critic that’s right come on keep it moving right here this is an awesome movement I’m glad you like this there’s a coach Kodak original here too and one great compound move to get that core working on multiple planes very functional move if you’ve been with us for a while you know coach Kozak is all about those compound moves that’s it getting more efficiency that’s it more working in less time cuz you know we all have busy lives we don’t have hours at a time to be exercising nope one rapping in the next again really controlling that weight on the way down not much left on this one fight through it everyone fight through it come on has to try let’s go last five four three two one and zero only one hand wait for the next one if you’re using it feet are shoulder-width apart we’re into a twisting elbow I’m grabbing my hand weight on either side and now I’m gonna rotate twisting elbow striking with that elbow pivoting my feet now opposite direction the opposite direction engaging that core as well as your obliques striking with that elbow so we’re leaving with that point on your elbow side to side also rotating with their feet getting our hips and abs involved so it’s not just our arms and upper body making those ABS work big power side to side you feel comfortable you can pick up the pace a little bit want to write it in the next again moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with right here come on and if you need to you can drop the weight altogether and just perform the move with your hands lock come on this is it right here no holding back it’s you versus you come on keep it up right here almost there you guys let’s go nothing can stop you pointing with that elbow getting those feet pivoting keeping that as abs nice and tight and do not hold your breath whatever you do come on we’re almost there last ten seconds what do you got what do you got come on let’s make a count here four five four three two one zero that’s it that’s all she wrote boom you made it excellent work out there has fit Drive push yourself right to the very end please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free by downloading our app you can go pick up a t-shirt or a shirt and our store or by picking up my book stay fit for life also if you enjoy this routine with us here today please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so you never miss another brand new workout from has fit thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today yes I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout